PTO honored at meeting

CALCUTTA — With the school year now at a close, members of the Beaver Local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) were honored during Monday’s Board of Education meeting.

Elementary School Principal Ashley Weber took time to recognize PTO officers for their dedication and efforts throughout the school year, including president Casey Hartley, vice president Misty Mays, treasurer Shannon Wheatley and secretary Erica Johnston.

“This has been an exceptional year,” Weber said. “As far as PTOs go, as far as parent groups I’ve worked with, they are the best, hands down. Truly they are inclusive of everybody in the district. They want volunteers in the building. They are receptive to new ideas. If we come up with something, they figure out how to make it happen, and everything that they do shows that these ladies have a heart for kids.”

Each of the four PTO officers received a gift from the district. Weber said Mays will take over as president starting with the next school year as Hartley will be stepping down.

Meanwhile in personnel matters, the board approved five resignations amongst its staff. Those resignations included Weber, custodians Daniel Moore and Colin Goddard, elementary teacher/literacy coach Barbara Eisenhart, and middle school teacher Vince Martinelli.

Weber, who was hired as the elementary school’s principal last year, accepted a position as a principal in the Malvern school district, and her resignation — along with Eisenhart — will go into effect on the last day of their respective 2016-17 contracts. Moore, Goddard and Martinelli, meanwhile, declared their intentions to retire, with Martinelli’s retirement having gone into effect May 31, Moore’s to take effect July 31, and Goddard’s effective Aug. 13.

The board also approved Family Leave Medical Act (FMLA) requests from Rebecca Speece, retroactive to May 8 due to the birth of a child, and from Mason Seachrist, retroactive to March 13 due to a family illness.

Also approved was the hiring of Mike Neville, who will serve as a custodian, to a 260-day contract.

In sports matters, the board approved several supplemental contracts for the 2017-18 school year. Those included Holly Pickens for auditorium manager; Kari Miller for assistant varsity boys basketball coach; Dave Goodman for boys junior varsity basketball coach; Nick Miller for boys freshman basketball coach; Scott Rogers for boys eighth grade basketball coach; Mark Cashdollar for boys seventh grade basketball and middle school football coach; Charlie Dolnosich, Jess Krulik, Aaron West and Bruce Palmer for assistant football coaches; Doug Blaner Jr. and Zach Weyand for half contracts for freshman football coach; Mark Emmerling, Rick Shilling and Doug Blaner Sr. for middle school football coach; Maria Parfitt for swimming coach; and Samantha Cianni for girls assistant soccer coach. The contract for Blaner Sr. also is a half-contract.

In addition, the board approved a salary adjustment of $2,500 for assistant treasurer Johnny McComas, due to receiving his treasurer’s license. The adjustment will go into effect July 1.