Lisbon vs. Southern Local

7th Grade: Lisbon won 36-25 Wednesday. Lisbon, Hannah Sprouse 10, Stefanee Stacey 8; Southern, GiGi Rodgers 7.

Next: Lisbon vs. Wellsville next Wednesday.


Lisbon vs. Southern

7th Grade: Southern won 40-27 Wednesday. Lisbon, Blaine Barnes 19, Aiden Myers 4, Ashton Hinchcliffe 4.

8th Grade: Southern won 32-29. Southern, Alex Brown 15, Gavin Burris 8.

East Palestine vs. Wellsville

7th GRADE: East Palestine won 46-8 Wednesday. East Palestine Foster 15 points, Jones 10; Wellsville, Tice 4, Board 4.

8th GRADE: Wellsville won 30-25. Wellsville, Watkings 13, Wilcox 11; East Palestine, Jurjavcic 11.


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