Sportsman League

at Walnut Lanes

STANDINGS: Pin Punishers 12, AK Nahas 12, Steven’s Jewelers 12, Plumm’s Stump Removal 10, Walnut Lanes 9, Affordable Appliance 9, Brian’s Pro Shop 4, Drunkin Bums 2, Chaney’s 0.

HIGH GAMES: Donald Plumm 268, Terry Taylor 256, Jeremy Maze 256.

HIGH SERIES: Jeremy Maze 713, Donald Plumm 704, Terry Taylor 654.

Greene Memorial League

HIGH TEAM SERIES: (scratch) Tri State Lanes 2,941; (hdcp) Keyes Kustomz 3,197.

HIGH INDIVIDUAL SERIES: (scratch) Don Heath 711; (hdcp) Don Heath 738.

HIGH TEAM GAME: (scratch) Tri-State 1,014; (hdcp) Pat’s Painting 1,111.

HIGH INDIVIDUAL GAME: (scratch) T.J. Wilson 263; (hdcp) Mark McGuire 299.

National League

STANDINGS: Strike Force 112-28; RamRod 101-39; Wisebuy Carpet 87-53; Walnut Lanes 67-73; Buckeye Mechanical 25-115.


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