Top talent leads way at OVAC

WELLSBURG, W.Va. — The seniors of the Linsly boys’ swim team have had their eyes set on their final OVAC meet all season.

After capturing the small school crown as freshmen three years ago, the Cadets have earned back-to-back runner-up accolades.

This year, they wanted to get back to where they began — on top.

They did just that as the Cadets racked up 315 points to secure the small school boys’ title at Saturday’s OVAC Bill Brubaker Swim Championships at Brooke.

“They talked about it,” Linsly coach Bill Brubaker said of his seniors. “This group won as freshmen and wanted to go out as seniors with the title after getting second two years in a row.

“Frederico Colloca-Bianchi in the 50 and the backstroke, Luke Zwicker in the breaststroke and he did really well in the 100, William Yuan in his butterfly, Bernie Suchoza in the 100 and 200 and Josh Schultz in the 200 and 500. I’m really proud of them.”

St. Clairsville took home runner-up honors with 259 points but the Red Devils did run away with the girls’ title after an astounding 370 points.

Linsly’s girls were second with 230.

The OVAC newcomers made a big splash in their first OVAC meet as Dover overpowered the field to win the boys’ event with 548 points and the girls’ competition with 432.

The New Philadelphia boys were runners-up with 281 points.

Wheeling Park’s girls finished second with 310 points — ending a four-year run as defending champions.

“Our girls swam a pretty good meet,” Park coach Pat Durkin said. “Got some PR’s and our 400 relay team set a school record with a lot of improvement but Dover has an excellent team and St. C. had a great meet, too.”

Top finishers for the Beaver Local swim team included Grace Hill (sixth in the girls breaststroke, 1:51.91) and Parker Pease (sixth in the 100-yard backstroke, 1:02.41).


BIG SCHOOL STANDINGS: Dover 548, Wheeling Park 310, Morgantown 213, New Philadelphia 175, John Marshall 161, University 119, Parkersburg South 58, Weir 55, Steubenville 38, Brooke 32

SMALL SCHOOL STANDINGS: St. Clairsville 370, Linsly 230, Martins Ferry 144, Beaver Local 142, Wheeling Central 29, Steubenville Catholic 21, Edison 20, East Liverpool 15, Barnesville 4, Oak Glen 4


200 Relay: St. Clairsville A (Moyer, DiBetta, McKeegan, Planey), 1:51.37; Wheeling Park A (Langmyer, Bopp, Turner, Ross), 1:55.92; Dover A (Durbin, Connare, Perkowski, Selinsky), 1:58.72. 200 Free: Riggs (MHS), 1:56.85; Marody (St.C), 1:58.31; Ridenhour (Linsly), 2:01.33. 200 IM: Bopp (WP), 2:15.51; Moore (MHS), 2:21.47; Wallace (Dover), 2:23.21. 50 Free: Turner (WP), 24.55; McKeegan (St.C), 25.12; Selinsky (Dover), 25.84. 100 Butterfly: DiBetta (St.C), 58.91; Kidney (JM), 59.40; Moyer (St.C), 1:00.27. 100 Free: Turner (WP), 53.57; McKeegan (St.C), 55.62; Selinsky (Dover), 57.43. 500 Free: Riggs (MHS), 5:08.72; Marody (St.C), 5:09.89; Langmyer (WP), 5:33.89. 200 Free Relay: Morgantown A (Stanescu, Blosser, Moore, Riggs), 1:45.64; Linsly A (Ridenhour, Nagel, Behm, Buff), 1:48.07; St. Clairsville A (Moyer, Thomas, Rocchi, Marody), 1:49.11. 100 Backstroke: Kidney (JM), 58.49; Moyer (St.C), 1:01.75; Durbin (Dover), 1:02.01. 100 Breaststroke: DiBetta (St.C), 1:03.87; Bopp (WP), 1:06.12; Rice (UHS), 1:13.29. 400 Free Relay: St. Clairsville A (Planey, McKeegan, Marody, DiBetta), 3:46.16


BIG SCHOOL STANDINGS: Dover 432, New Philadelphia 281, Brooke 213, Wheeling Park 204, Morgantown 153, Parkersburg South 139, Weir 132, Steubenville 106, John Marshall 89, Indian Creek 34

SMALL SCHOOL STANDINGS: Linsly 315, St. Clairsville 259, Martins Ferry 133, East Liverpool 66, Wheeling Central 36, Beaver Local 28, Meadowbrook 25, Barnesville 23, Cambridge 20


200 Relay: Dover A (Sexton, McCrate, Lane, Burris), 1:41.92; Linsly A (Colloca-Bianchi, Zwicker, Yuan, Suchoza), 1:45.33; Wheeling Park A (Kuttan, McCabe, Kellas, Leary), 1:46.74. 200 Free: Lane (Dover), 1:44.90; Hoover (Weir), 1:54.11; Orti Dolz (NPH), 1:55.47. 200 IM: McCrate (Dover), 2:07.79; Kuttan (WP), 2:11.50; McKeegan (St.C), 2:13.86. 50 Free: Burris (Dover), 22.49; Colloca-Bianchi (Linsly), 23.11; Marling (St.C), 23.32. 100 Butterfly: Sexton (Dover), Yost (St.C), 58.03; Francis (Brk), 59.32. 100 Free: Bolinger (MF), 50.04; Hoover (Weir), 52.05; Zwicker (Linsly), 52.09. 500 Free: Lane (Dover), 4:48.32; Banks (St.C), 5:12.31; Robey (Brk), 5:16.03. 200 Free Relay: Dover A (McCrate, Burris, Wilson, Burris), 1:34.40; Linsly A (Yuan, Zwicker, Suchoza, Colloca-Bianchi), 1:35.81; St. Clairsville A (Banks, Yost, asber, Marling), 1:36.41. 100 Backstroke: Colloca-Bianchi (Linsly), 53.63; Sexton (Dover), 54.04; Yost (St.C), 58.60. 100 Breaststroke: Bolinger (MF), 1:01.49; McCrate (Dover), 1:03.86; Zwicker (Linsly), 1:05.76. 400 Free Relay: Dover A (Sexton, Burris, Wilson, Lane), 3:25.46; St. Clairsville A (Banks, Yost, McKeegan, Marling), 3:29.97; New Philadelphia A (Polka, Billman, Orti Dolz, Cox), 3:34.59.


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