United vs. Wellsville

7th Grade: Wellsville won 25-17 on Wednesday. Wellsville: Wilcox 9. United (1-1): Andrea 4, Newburn 4, Mercer 4.

Next: United at Crestview today.

Leetonia vs. Lisbon

7th Grade: Leetonia won 31-25 on Wednesday. Leetonia: Carlson Brock 20; Lisbon: Luke Kraft 15.

8th Grade: Lisbon won 52-14. Lisbon: Trevor Siefke 23, Logan Stauffer 14; Leetonia: Dicross 4.


Leetonia vs. Lisbon

8th Grade: Lisbon won 37-12 on Wednesday. Lisbon: Serinity Stacey 11, Ayana Douglas 6; Lisbon: Emma Clark 6 Destiny Barns 4.

Wellsville at United

7th Grade: United won 23-14 on Wednesday. United: Zoee Smith 12; Wellsville: Jackson 6.

8th Grade: United won 48-12. United: Grayson Kidder 12, Katie Dees 13.

Next: United hosts Crestview today.

Beaver Local vs. East Liverpool

7th Grade: East Liverpool won 26-8 on Wednesday. East Liverpool: Aynsley Galeoti 13 points, Ayla Brown 5 points. Beaver Local leaders: Laura Robison, Keirstyn Curtis.

8th Grade: Beaver Local won 24-22. Beaver Local leaders: Kamryn Young, Cami Starkey. East Liverpool: Kenzie Walker 7 points, Dacianelle Andrews 6 points.

Next: East Liverpool at Harrison Central Monday, December 30.


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