Beaver girls pick up home win

CALCUTTA — Crestview’s boys and Beaver Local’s girls came away victories on Thursday in track meet featuring South Range, Edison, Wellsville, Toronto and Lowellville at Beaver Local High School.

Multiple individual event boys winners included Wellsville’s Justin Wright, Crestview’s Dominic Perry, South Range’s Ian Pierson and Edison’s Bryce McAfoose.

Beaver Local’s Teddi Kinsey won two events in the girls competition.


Crestview 154.75, South Range 141.5, Beaver Local 100.75, Edison 62, Wellsville 57, Toronto 26, Lowellville 24

3200 RELAY: South Range 9:23.2, Beaver Local, Crestview

110 HURDLES: Bryce McAfoose (E) 17.6, Smith (SR), Braham (BL)

100 DASH: Justin Wright (W) 11.0, Pappas (BL), Powell (C)

800 RELAY: Crestview 1:32.2, Wellsville, Beaver Local

1600 RUN: Ian Pierson (SR) 4:56.6, Bush (SR), Sluder (W)

400 RELAY: Crestview 45.9, Wellsville, Beaver Local

400 DASH: Cameron Tarr (SR) 53.6, Ballone (L), Waggone (E)

300 HURDLES: Bryce McAfoose (E) 44.7, Braham (BL), Shaffer (C)

800 RUN: Ian Pierson (SR) 2:12.5, Miller (C), Sluder (W)

200 DASH: Justin Wright (W) 23.4, Powell (C), Lindsay (C)

3200 RUN: NA

1600 RELAY: South Range 3:50.4, Edison, Crestview

DISCUS: Dominic Perry (C) 147-11, Lowery (SR), Woodring (C)

SHOT PUT: Dominic Perry (C) 48.7.5, Wire (SR), Brooks (SR)

LONG JUMP: Mitch Lindsay (C) 19-9, Speelman (BL), McAfoose (E)

HIGH JUMP: Kaleb Waggone (E) 5-8, Lindsay (C), Hardenbrook (C)



Beaver Local, 149, Crestview 133, Edison 93, South Range 76.5, Lowellville 41.5, Wellsville 28.5, Toronto 15.5.

3200 RELAY: Beaver Local 11:15.3, South Range, Crestview

100 HURDLES: Teddi Kinsey (BL) 17.4, Speedy (E), Huff (E)

100 DASH: Payton Rinestine (BL) 13.7, Crouch (SR), Clinton (L).

800 RELAY: Beaver Local 4:40.6, Crestview, Toronto

1600 RUN: Hannah Logston (BL) 6:10.9, Warren (L) Marr (C)

400 RELAY: Beaver Local 57.5, Crestview, Wellsville

400 DASH: Bethany Crouch (SR) 1:03, 2. Lerussi (BL), Horne (C)

300 HURDLES: Teddi Kinsey (BL) 53.2, Valentine (E), Hilliard (BL)

800 RUN: Maddie Warren (L) 2:46.7, Marr (C), Griggs (BL)

200 DASH: Megan Buchheit (BL) 29.9, Crawford (E), Emerick (SR).

3200 RUN: NA

1600 RELAY: Beaver Local 4:40.6, Crestview, Toronto

DISCUS: Kayti Aczel (SR) 114-5, Hoobler (E), Rambo (C)

SHOT PUT: Sidney Rambo (C) 35-2, Hoobler (E), Perry (C)

LONG JUMP: Holly Valentine (E) 13-6, Best (C), Halas (C)

HIGH JUMP: Allison Crawford (E) 4-6, Emch (C), Best (C)


East Liverpool Tri

EAST LIVERPOOL — Oak Glen took home both the girls and boys meets over East Liverpool and Southern at Mangano Memorial Track in East Liverpool on Thursday.

The boys won with a score of 75.5 and East Liverpool finished a close second with 70.5.

For Oak Glen, Kellen Tropeck won both Discus and shotput.

East Liverpool’s Micheal Billigsley finished in first in the 100 and 200 dash.

The Oak Glen girls dominated with a score of 111 to East Liverpool’s 43.

Maggie Kovalcik won both the 100 and long jump for the Golden Bears.

Izzy Barganaski jumped her way to victory in both the 100 and 300 hurdles.

Oak Glen girls won all the relay events.

East Liverpool’s Darshay Foster finished first in the 1600 and 3200 run events.


Oak Glen 75.5, East Liverpool 70.5, Southern 26

3200 RELAY: East Liverpool (9:07.80), Oak Glen, Southern

110 HURDLES: Jacob Clark (OG) 16.8, Mozingo (OG), Beverley (EL)

100 DASH: Michael Billigsley (EL) 11.6, Sloan (S), Carter (EL)

800 RELAY: East Liverpool (1:37.60), Oak Glen, Southern

1600 RUN: Heckinson (OG) 5:00.0, George (EL), Browning (EL)

400 RELAY: East Liverpool (46.40), Oak Glen, Southern

400 DASH: Timmy Neal (EL) 55.7, Jackson (OG), Walker (EL)

300 HURDLES: Seth Mozingo (OG) 45.60, Clark (OG), Beverley (EL)

800 RUN: Nathan Atkinson (OG) 2:14.10, Woodyard (EL), Browning (EL)

200 DASH: Michael Billigsley (EL) 23.9, Sloan (S), Loy (EL)

3200 RUN: Marcus Calhoun (EL) 11:34.7, Razi (EL), Adams (OG)

1600 RELAY: Oak Glen (3:42.80), East Liverpool, Southern

DISCUS: Kellen Tropeck (OG) 148-11, Meadows (OG), Biela (OG)

SHOT PUT: Kellen Tropeck (OG) 49.06.00, Ketchum (EL), Cornell (EL)

LONG JUMP: Bradly Sloan (S) 20-03.50, Patterson (OG), Glenn (OG)

HIGH JUMP: Dalton Ash (S) 5-04, Glenn (OG), Beverley (EL)



Oak Glen 111, East Liverpool 43, Southern 10

3200 RELAY: Oak Glen (11:36.0), East Liverpool

100 HURDLES: Izzy Barganski (OG) 17.60, Hayes (S), Mahan (OG)

100 DASH: Maggie Kovalcick (OG) 13.20, Hall (OG), Hayes (OG)

800 RELAY: Oak Glen (1:54.90), East Liverpool

1600 RUN: Darshay Foster (EL) 5:57.12, Quinlan (OG), Orenzuk (OG)

400 RELAY: Oak Glen (54.90), East Liverpool

400 DASH: Abigail Myers (OG) 1:04.50, Williams (OG), Morris (EL)

300 HURDLES: Izzy Barganski (OG) 53.50, McKinnon (EL), Neely (OG)

800 RUN: Kylee Williams (OG) 2:47.00, Morris (EL), Murphy (OG)

200 DASH: Abigail Myers (OG) 29.00, Detchon (EL), Molish (OG)

3200 RUN: Darshay Foster (EL) 13:32.10, Quinlan (OG), Arneault (OG)

1600 RELAY: Oak Glen (4:33.8), East Liverpool

DISCUS: Kylee Williams (OG) 105-00, Travis (OG), Ludwig (EL)

SHOT PUT: Jillian Williams (OG) 32-07, Travis (OG), Ashcraft (OG)

LONG JUMP: Maggie Kovalcik (OG) 15-05.0, Mahan (OG), Growe (S)

HIGH JUMP: Lauren Mahan (OG) 4-08, Jackson (OG), Mackey (EL)