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"Response to 'ImagesandWords'"

ImagesandWords: I do not claim to “use” an “intellectual cover”. I DO NOT agree with the use of violence. The government actually has laws in place to prevent you from coming to harm by the hands of individuals in authoritative positions. Force is sometimes necessary if you are reaping the benefits of this government by staying here it is YOUR OBLIGATION to help care for these benefits so others after you are able to reap such benefits. My claim as to if you don’t like it leave still stands. You have many options in order to protest any laws or regulations you disagree with. You make the choice to stay in the United States, if you do not vote then you have no right to complain about how this nation is ran. If you are this passionate about how “terrible” this nation is ran then maybe you should take your time and take action instead of arguing this topic with me. You claim to have such hatred for this government; as I said there are many countries that are run differently where you ar


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