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Comfort of concealed carry

March 21, 2014 A gun can be a scary object, and rightfully so. Guns are classified as weapons and are commonly used by police, soldiers and hunters as a means of threatening, harming and sometimes killing. more »»

Debt is a pain

February 9, 2014 College is expensive, and as a recent graduate of college it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that throughout my four years of schooling I acquired a bit of debt. more »»

Lacking sportsmanship

January 26, 2014 By now, just about everybody knows about Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s now infamous “postgame rant” during last Sunday’s NFC title game. more »»

Duck and cover

January 12, 2014 Recently, there was a high-profile example of religion being used as a bludgeon against a group of people. more »»

New beginnings

January 5, 2014 Happy New Year! We have entered 2014 and I’d like to think it welcomes us with open arms. To me the new year is a chance at a new beginning. more »»

Going cold turkey with social media

December 22, 2013 As a 20-something who does not currently participate in social media, I am in the minority. more »»

The issue with homework

December 17, 2013 I never remember liking homework. Not in grade school. Not in middle school. And especially not in high school. In college it had to be dealt with, but, you guessed it, I still didn’t like it. more »»

The most wonderful time of the year

December 1, 2013 December is here and I’m happy, happy, happy! I love everything about this month, and now that it’s officially Christmastime I can allow myself the joys of the seaso. more »»

Our digital footprint

October 27, 2013 I really like social media. Each venue has a lot of pros and are a great way to keep connected. Though, I’m still not totally sold on Twitter. I’ve never caught on to that character limit thing. more »»

Quarter of a century

September 22, 2013 I recently became the owner of the age 25, which is kind of hard to believe. For the past four years, I’ve still thought of myself as 20-years-old and forgot that I’ve aged o. more »»

Food glorious food

August 18, 2013 Food has played a large role in my life, not just because I need it to survive, but because it excites me. Two of my passions have always been preparing and eating food. more »»

All sales final

July 26, 2013 Sales can be fun, both versions. I’m not talking about sifting through coupons to find the best deal. more »»

This and that Part II

July 19, 2013 Candy Crush Saga is not taking over my life, but it’s beginning to frustrate me. more »»

The license plate game

July 12, 2013 I hate to drive long distances. It’s just not fun. But with family vacations, unless you want to break the bank on airfare, packing up the Blazer is the option of choice. more »»

Mugging for the camera

July 5, 2013 I don’t really like my picture taken. Unlike many of you out there, I can’t fake a smile. It appears awkward to me, so I can only imagine how the person receiving it must feel. more »»

Mushroom clouds and tornado skies

June 30, 2013 For anyone who grew up from the early 1970s through the mid 1990s, there were few more potent sources of terror than an unexpected interjection of the Emergency Broadcast System into your TV viewin. more »»

Vote Thompson Park!

June 28, 2013 It’s a safe bet I’ll never tell you to vote for a certain political candidate. It’s just not my thing. I’m also not going to try and sway you into passing any levy. Again, it’s not what I do. more »»

On the move

June 21, 2013 I’ve made a move. Yes, I am leaving my corner office at The Review. Some may be surprised by this departure, while others, well, maybe not so much. more »»

Time to Tebow

June 14, 2013 I can’t understand the hatred spewed by many toward Tim Tebow. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact the guy is a winner. The religion thing also plays a role, but it shouldn’. more »»

Road trippin’

June 9, 2013 A few weeks ago I took my first long distance road trip, and it was a blast! I was invited to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of my college roommate; however, the wedding was taking place in Florid. more »»

Stink, stank, stunk

June 7, 2013 When I work out I sweat. I don’t smell, but my clothes sometimes do. It seems that through the years, and the workouts, the stank has become woven in with the material. more »»


ELHS Girls of 1956 Lunch April 17, 2014

EAST LIVERPOOL — The ELHS Girls Class of 1956 will meet for lunch at noon today at Bob Evans. more »

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