Thanks and Spanks

SPANKS, writes a reader, to The Review carrier who throws my 94 year old sister’s paper on the lawn when they were told to put it on the porch.

SPANKS to The Review who will not give her any information who the carrier is or help her solve this matter when she calls The Review office.

THANKS, from a reader, for the many carriers of The Review including motor route drivers who put papers in a dry spot and accommodate customer requests.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to a local store for selling outdated items instead of getting rid of them. Putting them at a cheaper price, knowing they’re outdated isn’t fair to the customers.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to the local Post Office. “I was out of town for the holidays and had put my mail on hold. Two parcels were delivered to my residence during my absence. I called about the first one being delivered and they were able to retrieve it. The second one, I called the office and asked them not to deliver it and keep it with my hold mail. It was delivered anyway, after I was told they wouldn’t. I had to call a friend to get it off my porch. I got home a few days earlier than originally planned and went to the main office to pick up my mail. The smell in that building was horrendous. It smelled of dirt, filth and mold. The clerk was friendly and got my mail for me.”

THANKS, from a reader, to Beaver Local graduates Derek Wolfe and Jamin Pastore. The highly-successful pair — Wolfe as an NFL standout and Pastore as thriving businessman — donated $1 million this past week to the school. It will be used primarily for an artificial turf with the remainder going toward a later multi-use athletic training facility. What a wonderful example of returning home and giving back to a community! Details of their gesture can be found on A1 of our Wednesday edition and online at reviewonline.com.


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