Sales tax cut are coming for glasses, contact lenses

Next month the State of Ohio will eliminate the sales tax on prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. This change is a result of legislation that I supported and helped pass in 2017. It’s estimated that it will save Ohio taxpayers nearly $30 million annually.

Elimination of the sales tax on glasses and contacts will help make these medical devices less expensive and more accessible, thereby improving Ohioans’ vision. We all know how important good vision is to success in your career or in school, and to ensuring that our elderly population maintains its mobility. Simply put, this change will help improve Ohioans’ quality of life.

The tax change also helps support Ohio small businesses that sell eyeglasses and contact lenses. Because most neighboring states and online retailers aren’t required to charge sales tax, our state’s retailers were at a disadvantage in the marketplace. Leveling the playing field for these businesses will allow them to be competitive and thrive.

I was proud to work with Ohio’s doctors of optometry at the Ohio Optometric Association to help eliminate the sales tax on glasses and contact lenses and look forward to its implementation in July.


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