Praise for programs at Santa Clara Estates Community Center

To the editor:

We live in Santa Clara Estates on Sprucevale Road in Calcutta and recently through the efforts of our community coordinator, Rena Schooles, and a fellow resident, Kelsey Hedrick, we attended two tremendous programs at our Community Center.

The first was home safety-oriented and was given by men and women of our St Clair Township Volunteer Fire Department. They explained several aspects of fire safety including the use of common household fire extinguishers and concluded by showing us one of the fire trucks with its operational capabilities. Everyone there expressed their sincere appreciation of these first responders dedication.

More recently we were hosted to watching a well prepared video presentation of the documentary of Pretty Boy Floyd which was grippingly narrated by Hedrick who also initiated the project.

According to a recent community newsletter there are several other events already scheduled and a couple in the planning stages and my wife and I simply wanted to offer our thanks to Rena and Kelsey and voice our total support for our local firefighters.

Paul and Judy Anthony,