Inch by inch we always get through the storms

We knew snow was coming and it did. Inch after inch after wet and heavy inch. Monday’s snowfall came as expected. It was both imposing — easily our largest snowfall of the season — and visually impressive. Mother Nature became an artist, swathing the landscape in a picturesque Rockwellian visage. Yes it was all very pretty. Especially trees with skeletal branches covered in plush snow. The wardrobe of hues that northeast Ohio wears during the different seasons is what makes living around here very special for so many of us.

But life went on. Appreciate those who made sure it did. As they always do. Even before daybreak city, village, township and county plows were in attack mode. They did great jobs Monday into Tuesday. Does our tax money pay for it? Yes it does. Should taxpayers expect clear roads in reasonable time? Of course they do. Nevertheless, appreciate what the workers did. It was stressful. It was arduous.

The police, ambulance and fire personnel were ready and willing. They always are. Whether on a sunny day in June or during a snow-swamped day in January. Sure it helped that Monday was a holiday and many offices and schools would have been closed regardless of the weather. For those with hydrants near their homes, clean around them if able. You never know.

Appreciate the people in essential jobs such as hospital personnel who have to get to work regardless of the weather. There are no days off when it comes to caring for the ill and the mending. Appreciate the power and phone workers.

Appreciate your postal and newspaper carriers. Thank you to those realizing what a task it was to deliver while trudging through inch after inch after wet and heavy inch. Your patience and empathy was appreciated.

Appreciate youthful, enterprising snow shovelers. Every neighborhood it seems has some. Appreciate the folks running food and prescriptions to seniors. That is important. Appreciate the single mothers struggling to find a sitter or day care that wasn’t closed so they could make it to work without getting a red mark next to their names. Appreciate considerate bosses who realize that compassion can come before a bottom line and didn’t hold it against any employee who failed to make it work despite an earnest attempt.

Appreciate school officials for not waiting around to cancel Tuesday classes, too. A no-brainer for sure. But it has happened in the past that some officials waited until the last minute before calling off school. Thus setting up a mad scramble by parents to find someone to watch their kids. That is being inconsiderate.

And, of course, appreciate those showing up to make coffee and hot chocolate at our favorite spots. They are critical to the very existences of some of us. Bless you and now some extra cream, please.

So as we dig, shovel, plow and slosh through inch after inch after wet and heavy inch, keep in mind that the late-week forecast is calling for temperatures near zero. Which means the piled snow will be around for a while. Also, because of approaching frigid temps, make sure kids are bundled up and pets are given proper care.

True, we all know that time does go by quickly. Spring arrives in 61 days. But it’s a given that more snow is coming. Historically some of our worst wintry days come late — that whole in like a lion, out like a lamb for March. And we still got the rest of January and the whole of February coming our chilly way. Until the birds sing and flowers bloom keep those shovels, plows, scrapers and cold weather gear handy. They will surely be needed again.


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