Lonely memories without vaccines

Those of us who frequent social media know some apps have a feature that reminds account-holders of “memories” of a certain time period by showing them old posts (which they are then encouraged to repost). With 2020 behind us, it too has become fodder for these “memories.”

How many memories have come up showing people struggling to get through 2020? How many memories have shown family members and loved ones longing for in-person birthday and holiday celebrations again? How many memories are of people missing a time when concerts and festivals were a regular occurrence, theaters were open and vacations didn’t involve 14-day quarantines?

As the delta variant explodes, we face the chance of losing all the ground we gained. To avoid lockdowns and the loss of in-person events once again, the director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Francis Collins said in an interview, we may have to do things we don’t want to do, like wearing masks at indoor gatherings even if vaccinated and kids wearing masks in school.

Of course, it is still essential for as many people as are eligible to get vaccinated. Collins knows no one wants to do any of this. “But if we want to avoid more severe outcome that might lead to more extreme measures like lockdowns, we know what to do, we just need to do it,” he said.

No one wants more lives to be lost to this plague. No one wants to see hospitalizations going up again. And we don’t want to go back to losing our holidays, our events, our vacations, or our chance at returning to “normal” when we are so close.

Get the shot. Consider wearing a mask indoors again. Follow local mandates if/when they are issued. Otherwise, we may be in for another year of lonely memories


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