Those still unvaccinated should do it for Babydog

“If you won’t do it for me, if you won’t do it for your family, you’ve got to get vaccinated for Babydog. She wants you vaccinated so badly.”

After the past year, no one should be surprised that Gov. Jim Justice is now uttering that phrase in the hopes of getting more West Virginians vaccinated. Babydog, of course, is Justice’s pet English Bulldog.

She’s become the mascot of the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

Justice has used Babydog to help promote the incentives — cash, trucks, guns and weekends at state parks — the state is offering to those who get vaccinated. If you’ve had a shot, go to doitforbabydog.wv.gov to register for the prizes.

While we don’t necessarily agree with incentivizing a process we all should be eager to complete, it’s hard to fault Justice for trying. After all, following a fast start that saw about 30 percent of West Virginians vaccinated, the number of those getting a shot has slowed.

If this campaign will help to save even one life, then it’s worth it.


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