New financial tool will help our children

Parents wondering how they can teach their kids to be smart about their financial independence have a tool in Ohio that just got a little bit better. Treasurer Robert Sprague and the Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences are partnering to expand the Real Money, Real World financial literacy program for kids ages 12-18.

“Securing a sound and prosperous financial future for our state starts with our young people, and that means preparing them for the challenges that come later in life,” Sprague said.

Indeed. We all know how hard it is for adults to navigate the changing financial landscape, let alone prepare kids to do the same. But with this program, there is a way to give kids a leg up.

According to Sprague’s office, “The program increases participant awareness to real-life scenarios such as what it costs to maintain a household, what it costs to care for a child, and the level of education required for the job they desire.”

Almost makes one wish such a thing had been available before the rest of us launched into the real world, doesn’t it?

More than 95,000 Ohio kids have participated in the program since its start in 2005. Parents, teachers and administrators should take advantage of the program — particularly this year, as so many young people are facing more anxiety than ever about their financial futures.

Interested? Visit realmoneyrealworld.osu.edu for details.


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