Yes, worry about your grandparents and all of us

Recently, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tried a little psychology when he urged younger residents “If you don’t worry about yourself, worry about your grandparents.”

He was speaking particularly to his “friends in their 20s” who are maybe a bit less cautious in avoiding COVID-19. But while there is a perception that young people believe they are invincible — and certainly there has been evidence that many are not at all concerned about the virus, case in point being recent July 4th gatherings — it is a bit unfair to paint them as the culprits as COVID-19 cases were at their highest since April on June 25.

Yes, the most recent wave of cases is hitting “younger” Ohioans disproportionately harder, with 60% of recent cases affecting those between 20 and 49. A quick look around in any public setting tells us there are plenty in the upper half of that age range who are ignoring social distancing and other precautionary guidelines, too.

The example being set, especially by those older conspiracy theorists who wear their refusal to wear a mask like a badge of honor, does nothing to encourage younger Ohioans to worry about them.

And, what’s with these COVID parties were are hearing about? Say ti’s not so.

So yes, young folks, worry about your grandparents — and yourselves — and take the precautions necessary to help stop the resurgent spread of COVID-19. But the same precautions must be taken by every Ohioan, if we are to avoid both a spike in illnesses (and deaths); and the need to stop, or perhaps reverse, the reopening of our economy. None of us wants that to happen.


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