Thanks and Spanks

THANKS, from the Newell Coalition to Mark Fuller and the maintenance men from the county who cared for Laurel Hollow Park this summer. You all did a wonderful job and the park was enjoyed by many.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to those who put levies on the voting ballots. Taxpayers are getting taxed out of their homes, just look at the foreclosures in the back of the newspaper every week. When is enough, enough for the taxpayer? Let’s get some money from Ohio’s $2.7 Billion “Rainy Day” fund, which communities pay into, and are supposed to get back to help fund roads and infrastructure.

SPANKS, writes a reader, a local Calcutta resell shop for taking away half price day. I will not shop or donate again.

THANKS, to all the residents and organizations making the Halloween season — despite at times lousy weather — so special for children who revel in dressing up and collecting goodies. Trick or treating is a feel good memory that kids will carry along as they get older. Just like we adults have done.


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