Thanks and Spanks

THANKS, writes a reader, to Craig Stowers and his brother for repainting the school bus shelter and guardrails located on W. 9th St. A young man named Tony repainted the sign on the building. It’s great to know we still have people in our community who still has pride in our city. Great job guys.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to a local ambulance service EMT/owner who was extremely unprofessional during a medical emergency. Your rudeness did not go unnoticed by those who were on the scene. If God forbid another emergency situation should arise, we will specifically request your company not be sent.

THANKS, writes a reader. We attended the 50th high school reunion from Oak Glen on Oct. 13, 2019, held at the beautiful venue of East Liverpool Country Club. This was my first reunion and it was so lovely. The committee that organized, created reunion books, favors and made all the contacts necessary to insure that all attendees would have a great time, needs to be publicly thanked. For all of you, thank you so much. It was a trip overdue for 50 years but I finally made it back. And it was worth it. Gail Prestmo McKinnon and Greg Johnson.


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