Honor the towboat crew for saving a life

Most times when first responders are unsuccessful in “talking down” people determined to jump from bridges, they can only watch in helpless horror as tragedies unfold.

Unless there happens to be a towboat nearby.

Hancock County sheriff’s deputies were called at 8:20 a.m. last Saturday about a woman on the wrong side of the railing at the Ohio River bridge in Newell. The 19-year-old jumped not long after deputies arrived on the scene.

But the crew of a towboat on the river nearby saw what happened. They moved swiftly — and let it be noted, at risk to themselves — to get her out of the water. Then they took her to the shore, from where she was taken to the East Liverpool hospital.

Let us hope the woman gets the physical and mental help she so obviously needs. The very fact that a large number of people demonstrated they believe she is worth saving ought to tell her something.

And, again, the towboat crew’s skill and bravery in rescuing her is something she ought to consider. We trust those responsible can be identified and recognized for the good deed they did.