Democrats’ monster getting out of control

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to have recognized that the monster she helped create — an ultra-leftist fringe -is a threat to her Democratic Party’s prospects for the presidency in 2020. The question she may be asking herself is whether she retains enough political power to slam the lid shut on Pandora’s Box.

Pelosi, D-California, told a reporter last week she no longer favors an attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. He is “just not worth it,” she added.

Radicals in her own party were furious. There is talk among them of attempting to replace Pelosi as Speaker of the House. How dare she suggest that the most cherished dream of some Democrats, and the pledge on which some of the new radicals rode into Congress, ought to be abandoned?

Pelosi was the impeachment team’s head coach for some time, of course. She has come to recognize that, although some Americans do not like Trump’s personality, they enjoy the benefits of many of his policies. An impeachment campaign would be viewed by them, as well as all-out Trump supporters, as no more than a political vendetta.

Meanwhile, the ultras in her own party pursue policy changes even Pelosi understands could be ruinous to the nation’s economy, not to mention harmful to tens of millions of American families. More and more people are becoming aware that “Medicare for all” is socialist code for eliminating all private health insurance coverage. Increasingly, the “New Green Deal” is being seen for what it is — economic suicide.

Yet the field of potential Democrat candidates for president in 2020 is predominated by the ultras. That is a recipe for a Trump re-election, as Pelosi now understands.

Will she be able to restore some sanity to her party’s leadership? To field a 2020 presidential candidate who represents the views of most Democrats, rather than the socialist fringe?

That remains to be seen. Democrats who recognize that a mixture of massive socialism and blind hatred of Trump merely play into the president’s hands should be rooting for Pelosi.