Making Christmas merry

For thousands of Columbiana County residents, Christmas morning brings with it a special joy that comes from compassionate, generous hearts.

We refer, of course, to those who have done what they could to ensure that our needy neighbors enjoy some of the material joys of Christmas.

Hundreds of area residents have taken active parts in various Christmas season campaigns. They have collected toys for children, food for families and other items intended to make the season bright for all.

Thousands more have made donations to the Christmas campaigns, often reaching deep into their pockets to do so.

We ask that those who have helped think about this on Christmas Day:

Somewhere in the county, perhaps just down the street from you, is a child whose face is positively glowing — because of you.

Somewhere else a family forced most of the time to use food stamps only for necessities is enjoying all the trimmings of Christmas dinner — because you helped.

You did that. Without you, it would not have happened. God bless you all — every one.