Breach of security, and trust

Why is City Hall continuing to muddy the waters with misstatements instead of providing basic information to the public about the October security breach at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport that involved key staffers of the Frank Jackson administration?

The silence and stonewalling have led Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley to raise the possibility of council hearings to demand “an accounting” to the public of what happened. Good. The public has the right to this information.

On Oct. 25, then-airport assistant director Fred Szabo violated federal security regulations by escorting Mayor Jackson’s chief of operations, Darnell Brown, past security so Brown could catch his plane. But beyond confirming that a security breach occurred and specifying the discipline meted out to the two officials, the city has been silent on details. …

The city of Cleveland has no justification for hiding the basic details of its investigation into this airport security breach by city officials. In continuing to do so, it violates the law and its duties to the public and, by trying to slough off responsibility for its silence to federal officials, risks further inflaming concerns of the TSA about this security breach.

— The Cleveland Plain Dealer