Avoiding the drive to DMV

A trek to the Division of Motor Vehicles office can be a time-consuming, frustrating experience.

First, one has to get there. Just two DMV offices serve West Virginia residents in the Northern Panhandle– Weirton and Moundsville.

Once at the DMV office, one has to wait in line before transacting business.

Good for DMV officials for making some transactions, including driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals, easier.

A new option now is available for those residents. The DMV has placed an electronic kiosk in the Sheetz store on National Road, in Wheeling. There, license and registration renewals can be handled in minutes, providing customers have the correct paperwork and a credit card.

DMV kiosks are a relatively new program, with Wheeling being the seventh location in the state.

The option provided by the kiosks is a welcome one. So is the DMV website, where several services are provided online.

In some cases, everything one needs to do to renew a vehicle registration can be handled from the comfort of home, for those with computers and internet access. Even personal property taxes can be paid that way by residents of several counties, including Hancock County.

Providing online and kiosk services carries with it a challenge, of course, and it is one we trust DMV officials and technicians recognize. It is ensuring that when a customer steps up to one of the kiosks or clicks on an online button, everything will work. That needs to be a priority at the agency.

That said, good for the DMV. Here’s hoping the agency’s effort to serve customers becomes a model for other local and state government entities.


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