Be grateful on this day

In a world reeling from the renewed rise in radical Middle Eastern terror activities, the Thanksgiving Day holiday in America should be a welcome respite.

For most Americans, it is just that, a time apart, a day for family and reflection on what’s good about life.

For some, it’s a tough day filled with a sense of loss, of loved ones, jobs, property. To those, we say, be thankful, tough as it may be, for another day, another chance and a prayer that things get better tomorrow.

For those who have homes, families, jobs and possessions, we’d say today should be the day to quit whining about what others have, about what you think you deserve, about not having your way or your fair share. You live in a nation that offers opportunity, freedom and is far more secure and prosperous than the majority of the planet. For today, at least, be grateful for that.

Take the time today to be with family or friends and enjoy their presence. Take the time to be grateful that you’re here for another Thanksgiving Day and consider all of those who were here last year and aren’t now. Personal ingratitude should pale by comparison.

It’s apparent that Americans get the message, given the number of retailers who have said they won’t be opening today before the turkey is cold to start trying to reap the holiday spending cash to come.

It’s a holiday in which to be truly thankful, not in the sense that most of us say “thank you” countless times in a day. No, today is the time to consider what those words really mean in terms of life.

The world is a mess. There is a presidential election on the way that surely will provide a potentially ugly year, if election years past are any predictor. There are terrorists on the loose again, demanding the world bow to them. That is to be dealt with.

Just for today, forget what’s beyond your front door and be grateful for what’s inside your home.

And in that spirit, accept our heartfelt gratitude that you’re still here, reading our product, still with us on this Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving.