New business great news for the area

Within days last week, two proposed projects – totaling $1.16 billion – were announced for our little section of the world.

Without a doubt that is great news.

Advanced Power Services Inc. plans to build a $1.1 billion natural gas-powered electric facility on 20 acres off Hibbetts Mill Road just north of Wellsville in Yellow Creek Township.

In East Liverpool, Velfera Auto Design has outlined plans for a proposed $60 million project at the former Riverview Florist property along Parkway. The plant would be the site of sub-assembly of automotive parts for electric vehicles.

These projects will bring both construction jobs and permanent employment, as well as financial considerations, to an area in need of a boost.

We applaud those individuals who have been at the forefront of attracting these and other potential investors to the area.

And we encourage everyone – most notably those we have elected to govern our communities – to support these projects.

It’s these types of endeavors that could bring about the beginning of a turnaround. An economic upswing. A change in attitude, as well.

We believe these types of businesses are what is needed to attract others to invest here. Think of it as a type of “if you build it, they will come” scenario.

The people are here, we believe. Hard-working, upstanding citizens – on both sides of the Ohio River – who push on each day to better the place we all call home.

Sometimes a spark is needed to jump start a community – to provide investors the information needed to give certain areas consideration.

We believe these two projects may be that spark.