Minimize the special tax breaks in Ohio

Very few people read state budget legislation. Fewer still understand the legalistic language, which sometimes seems designed to conceal how some taxpayers’ money is spent.

But when one does manage to see through the smoke and mirrors, some of what taxpayers fund is questionable. Take the two-year, $71.3 billion budget bill moving forward in the Ohio state Senate:

One tax break benefits people who purchase forklifts, according to a published report. Another benefits “certain golf course owners.”

Why should forklift buyers get tax breaks denied to, say, backhoe purchasers? And why should “certain golf course owners” be helped when lawn care operators have to pay their taxes in full?

Government should not be using taxpayers’ money to pick winners and losers in the private sector, subsidizing favored businesses or individuals at others’ expense. Legislators should take another look at the budget bill.