Joyce Ann McKee Family Trust to Andrew A. and Lynne R. Beech, home on Manor Drive; $2,500

Robert T. Figley Jr. to Susan A. and Michael J. Mansfield, condo on Springfield Road; $116,500

East Liverpool

Nicole K. and Donald V. Morrison to Izack D. Morrison, home on East Third Street; $76,000

Eric and Patricia Gorrell to Earnesat and Susan Choquette, residential vacant land on Shady Lane Drive; $5,700

East Palestine

Mary Lynn Mead and Cindy J. Lyle to James Kachelries and Sharon Gates, home on North Avenue; $189,500

David and Mary Eshelman to Bud Rogers, two-family dwelling on Park Avenue; $130,000

Elkrun Township

William S. and Patsy Souders to Legacy Lands LLC, 23.112 acres on Bell Road; $145,000

Louis R. Horvath to Corey J. and Melissa Rhodes, 15 acres on Roller Coaster Road; $76,890

Fairfield Township

Richard J. Sickelsmith to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust, 1.71 acres on state Route 7; $95,401

Danny F. Mullen to Dakota and Cassandra Marie Burt, home on state Route 46

Hanover Township

Mary Jane Smalley to Leatta M. and Joseph M. Davis, home on Ellyson Road; $18,500


Gene Nicotera to James R. Burris Jr. and Jessica C. Kiehl, home on Somer Street; $76,300

Liverpool Township

Darren LeMasters to Karla Hawk and Robert Rankin, home on Lisbon Street; $125,000

J. Anderson Homes Inc. to Courtney Elizabeth and Reed C. Modany, home on Sixth Avenue; $129,900

Madison Township

Kimberly Morehead et al to Brooke L. Kosko, mobile home on Alderlick Road; $60,000

Jerry and Cindy Simpson to Leeanne M. and Michael B. Varner, home on Desellem Road; $130,000

Robbie D. Hunt to Richard and Jessica Moore, mobile home on state Route 45; $174,900

Middleton Township

James W. and Elaine S. Smith to Scott Vannoy et al, home on Tomahawk Drive; $550,000

Cinimod Inc. to Ron A. and Cherie A. Asbury, residential vacant land on Tomahawk Drive and Yuma Trail; $47,000

Perry Township

Raco Properties LLC to Jeffrey A. Felger et al, commercial garages on West State Street; $413,000

Ila Meier to Christopher Evanco, home on Stewart Road; $223,000

George Crofcheck to Anthony Ianazone, home on Hartley Avenue; $100,000

Norman L. Oyster to Brian Wilms, home on Conser Drive; $180,000


Hickrie H. and Helen L. Gidley to Elisha J. Binder, home on West Third Street; $114,500

Jose Alferez to Jerry A. Sanchez, home on Rose Avenue; $25,000

Leslie A. Wilson to Mackenzie Wiley and Thomas Baker III, home on Merle Road; $170,000

Richard T. Stroka to Charles T. Grubbs (trustee), home on Woodland Avenue; $75,000

Rachna Mohan to Jeffry L. Biery, home on Shady Lane; $230,000

Salem Township

Armadillo Development LLC to Nick Kiriakakis, home on Lisbon Road; $162,000


Melissa A. Banar to Laura Gardner and Tayler K. Gatta, home on Old Monroeville Road; $40,000

St. Clair Township

DCS Homes LLC to Justin W. Banister, home on Highland Drive; $244,000

Anna C. Wilson to Christina and Ronald Pease, home and other residential structures on Fisher Avenue; $135,000

Melinda Ann Sprouse to Jada Renee Reed, home on Bell School Road; $120,000

Unity Township

Dale and Janet M. Grubb, to Dawn M. Heaton, commercial warehouses on state Route 14; $352,000

Margaret A. Hostetter to James R. and Gail L. Reese Sr., mobile home on Brushville Road; $169,900

Margaret A. Hostetter to Mason Lease, home on state Route 165; $120,000

Donald A. and Kimberle McKinniss to Kevin Kosko, home on Adams Road; $470,000

West Township

James Q. Culler Jr. (trustee) to Martin and Coralee Merrick, home on Sandy Springs Road; $220,000

Jesus Joe Sturgeon to Richard J. Ochoa, home on Lowmiller Road; $590,000

Yellow Creek Township

Max D. Hutchison to Robert G. and Lori J. Bortz, home and 12.03 agricultural acres on state Route 39; $200,000


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