Columbiana County

Butler Township

Jamie W. Sanor and Kellie Cardin to Dallas and Paige Boyer; 2.196 acres on Georgetown Road and 2.951 acres on Misty Morning Lane; $55,000

John E. and Abigail A. Johnston to Wolf Run Land LLC, oil and gas rights on 9.595 acres on Butler Grange Road; $31,184

Center Township

UJ Properties LLC to Emery Blissenbach, 16.277 acres on state Route 164; $89,249

Kenneth R. and Margaret Williams to Kathryn P. Pinkerton, home on Sunset Drive; $146,000

Charles L. Beiling (trustee) to Melvin G. and Janice L. Welling, .392 acres on Robert Road; $32,000


Matthew and Nicole Pastier to Breanna M. and Macen G. Whirrett, home on Juniper Drive; $425,000

East Liverpool

Jian Wen and Wei Yan Zhong to John Angelo Viscoglosi II, home on Park Boulevard; $255,000

William and Jennifer Fulmer Jr. to Andrew Gough, home on Ninth Street; $14,300

Patricia A. Tice to Dakota L. Swan, home on St. George St.; $34,800

Erica Franklin to David Lee Bowersock Jr., home on Michigan Avenue; $57,500

Gretchen Lee Griffiths to Jesse Alexander Collins, home on Oakwood Avenue; $140,000

Richard Stoddard to Carol A. Adams, home on Lincoln Avenue; $45,500

East Palestine

Sean David Cope and Logan C. Guy to Frank Ganoe Jr., home on North Avenue; $70,000

Audrey M. Elwonger to Nicholas Oberholtzer, .48 acres on Wallace Avenue; $20,000

Elkrun Township

Alan L. and Lois M. Miller to William N. and Teresa Anderson, 6.568 on Bear Hollow Road; $5,000

Alan L. and Lois M. Miller to William N. and Teresa Anderson, 139.379 acres on Bear Hollow Road; $325,000

Edgar C. Derenburger to Wolf Run Land LLC, oil and gas rights of 65 acres on Fairmont Road; $401,770

Hanover Township

Richard C. Gamble to Dixie Lane LLC, 23.365 acres on Depot Road; $233,650

Hanoverton Christian Church to James K. Anderson, home on state Route 9; $120,000

Brian R. Trautman to Donald Birr, home on Carlene Lane; $227,000

Knox Township

Brian W. Caruthers to Cape R. and Niki Dudley, home on Georgetown Road; $128,500

Richard L. and Karen S. Harris to Ray A. and Caitlin Tasker, home on Margaret Lane; $260,000

Ray A. Tasker to Abby Lynea and Jordan Stevenson, home on Bon Drive; $220,000


Wayne W. and Tara Lynn Willis to John A. Arter and Arlene S. Corfee, 1.423 acres on Freeman Road; $20,000

William Nathan and Ann Johnson to Kevin J. Reed, home on North Jefferson Street; $130,000

Liverpool Township

Linda L. Sciaretta to John W. Collins, home on Duncan Avenue; $50,000

Middleton Township

Dale E. Riehl to Kale Tomahawk Properties Owners Association, residential vacant land on Kiowa Trail; $2,400

Crystal I. Flaigg to Micayla Holtom, home on state Route 170; $225,000

New Waterford

Jeffrey M. Feo to Jaymie L. Andrews, home on Church Street; $53,900

Gordon T. and Katie E. Davidson III to Toby A. Kimmett, home on Sycamore Drive; $112,500

Perry Township

Nathan M. Murphy to to Nathan M. Murphy, home on Depot Road; $77,750

Robert E. Ramsayer Jr. to Grandview Farms 344 LLC, residential vacant land on state Route 45; $3,500

Pamela J. Elkins to Brittany Rae Conce, home on Andrew Avenue; $140,000

Kenneth and Samantha Rhoads to Kandice Evelsizer, home on Jones Drive; $150,000

Richard S. Smith to Ian N. Sharp and Laura G. Slutz, home on Highland Avenue; $252,000

Joni Cody and David A. Pietrafese to Brandon Patterson, home on Allen Drive; $219,000


RCG Inc. to Thomas A. and Bernadette M. Jesko (trustee), residential vacant land on Painter Road; $45,000

M2C2 LLC Ohio Limited Liability Co. to 1750 E. State LLC, small detached retail store on East State Street (Gene’s Drive Thru); $200,000

Robert E. and Ashton A. Powell to Margaret Ann Erwin, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $240,000

Byron Lewis Hartsough to Barbara L. Miller, home on Oak Street; $75,900

Amanda P. Perkins (trustee) to Jennifer Devault, home on Liberty Street; $140,000

Nicholas J. Cool to Herrington Arms Company LLC, light manufacturing and assembly on Quaker Court (Image Works); $331,000

John D. and Mark Stephen Pridon to Jasmine R. Welling, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $97,000

Edward A. Mitchell to Jason Loving, home on Whinnery Road; $145,000

Charles W. Goddard to Rebekah S. Henthorne, home on Franklin Avenue; $155,000

Christopher W. McGath to Lakeview Loan Services LLC , home on East Seventh Street; $30,000

Salem Township

Charles Esenwein to Robert K. Hendricks (trustee), home on Grafton Road; $7,500

Debbie Nunez to Robert K. Hendricks (trustee), 12.71 acres on Grafton Road; $97,500

St. Clair Township

Nicole E. Conkle to Jamie and Derrick McKenzie, home on Pine View Place; $265,000

Lori D. Delauder to Matthew William Bigelow, home on East Liverpool Road; $165,900

Washington Township

Chathrine G. McKenzie to Stanley O. and Clayton R. Cunningham, mobile home on state Route 39; $120,000

West Township

Andy B. and Nancy J. Byler to Noah R. and Sarah E. Detweiler, mobile home on Lynchburg Road; $140,000

Yellow Creek Township

Roger N. and Karen K. Potts to Chalet Properties IV, home on Wells Hollow Road; $73,130


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