Butler Township

Ronald L. and Mary M. Norton to Craig R. Weingart, commercial warehouses on Valley Road; $100,000

John W. and Elizabeth A. Sanor to Logan Alan Metzgar, home on McCann Road; $209,000

Ryan C. Ivan to David M. and Julia A. Wack, home on Slater Road; $237,000


Mary Lou Frye to Ian Chamberlain, home on Union Street; $55,550

Richard B. and Amy L. Clark to Matthias A. and Kelly Schach, home on North Main Street; $76,762

East Liverpool

Larry M. and Betty J. Davis to Teresa E. Holmes, home on Vine Street; $38,000

East Palestine

DSG Rentals LLC to Cora R. Yenges; home on Martin Street; $100,000

Frank Ganoe Jr. to Margaret V. Ware, home on Alice Street; $208,000

Christopher L. First to Brian W. Pearl, home on Clark Street; $67,500

Tax Ease Funding 2016-1-REO LLC to Bryan D. McCall, home on Garfield Avenue; $18,000

Jessica D. Hall to Andrew Alan Devenuto Bromm, home on Martin Street; $168,500

Margaret A. Brooke to Gerald and Bonnie Peebles, home on Grandview Avenue; $180,000

Elkrun Township

Christina L. Flickinger to Atije Shemo Booth, 2.34 acres on Dutchtown School Road; $110,000

Fairfield Township

Bonnie L. McDonald to Charles L.Beiling (trustee), 18.46 acres on Woodville Road; $101,200

Frank A. Phillips to Anthony W. and Abigail Y. Leister, other commercial structures on Beeson Mill Road (Zorich Industry Inc.); $230,000

Devin Cooper to Troy Muir, mobile home on Woodland Drive; $130,000

Hanover Township

Ryan D. Rettig to Dakota M. and Ciera J. Maple, home on Haessly Road; $205,000

Jared Q. and Danielle M. Shuman to Wayne D. and Mary D. Burkholder, mobile home on Campbell Road; $125,000

Mitchell S. McGuire to Douglas R. Bussard Jr., home and other residential structures on state Route 172; $225,000

Sylvester and Melanie Harr Jr. to Daniel Robert Lucas, home on Teegarden Road; $261,000

Knox Township

Whaley Properties LTD to D&T Flowers LLC, other retail structures on Twelfth Street (Joy’s Flower Shop); $70,000

Marilyn L. McConnell to MTA Property Holdings LLC, mobile home on Westville Lake Road; $11,800


Tomoko Smith to John R. and Brenda L. Tice, home on North Market Street; $68,000

Janice E. Pierce to Pamela L. Pierce, home on North Market Street; $150,000

Jeffrey D. and Julia A. Gatrell to Rebecca Aeschbacher, home on Saltwell Road; $60,000

Liverpool Township

GMP Development Co to Brandon and Jordan Ward, .506 acres on Huntington Court; $19,000

Pamela R. and Rocky D. Cottrell to Christopher Zedak, other residential structures on Cleveland Avenue; $2,000

Middleton Township

Marjorie A. Nicholson to Michael Clark, mobile home on Smith Road; $149,000

Perry Township

Ronald D. Merino to Steaven and Tammy Rohn, home and other residential structures on Benton Road; $135,000

Frederick G. and Donna Hartman to Lawrence R. Brickner, home on Goshen Road; $146,000

Troy S. Muir to Richard and Ashley Kiser, home on Goshen Road; $165,000


Charles S. and Debra K. Grate Jr. to Jian Hua Dong, home on Homewood Avenue; $16,500

Carol L. Hively to Staci L. Rullo, home on Madison Avenue; $62,750

Amy and Robert W. Rupert Jr. to Robert L. and Michele Ketchum, condo on Lincoln Avenue; $78,000

Charles W. Shelley to Patricia A. Knable, home on East Third Street; $135,005

William C. Medford to Michael A. Gaskill Jr., 1.989 acres of residential vacant land on East Fourth Street; $38,250

Daniel Lawrence Kaiser to David Carl Wells, home on East Third Street; $3,000

EKCK Holdings LLC to Daniel L Kaiser, home on Georgetown Road; $30,000

C. Kay Sprankle to Harry M. and Cathy L. Hofmeister, three-family dwelling on East Third Street; $5,500

Jason M. Peltz to Michael Weikart, home on Washington Avenue; $34,400

St. Clair Township

Douglas and Arielle Fisher to Joshua and Misty Snyder, home on Orchard Drive; $228,400

Unity Township

Debra J. Hanolt to Nathan J. Izotic, other residential structures on Rauch Road; $230,000

Vickie A. Fowler to Justin T. Best, home on Peace Valley Road; $500,000

Wayne Township

Bryan Mitchell and Kayla R. Malone to Richard J. Laudrille, home on Stuebenville Pike Road; $275,000


John B. and Heidi L. McIntosh to Andrew J. and Louisa Dellavecchia, two-family dwelling on Chester Avenue; $125,000

West Township

Ashley N. Toot to Michaela Trussel, home on U.S. Route 30; $183,000


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