Butler Township

Steven M. and Brandi J. Suarez, other commercial structures on Woodsend Road; $42,000

GL Coffee LLC to A And K Properties LLC, other commercial structures and office buildings on Winona Road; $325,600

Center Township

Kraig R. and Anna M. Kasten to Andrew and Vicki Hunter, home on Thomas Road; $359,000


Richard Durso to Paul S. and Sharin A. Chirgott, .427 acres on Parkview Drive; $51,500

Yankee Holdings LTD to Katie M. and Karie T. Shaum, home on Union Street; $118,000

Thomas H. Logan (trustee) to Ciardi Co LLC, .338 acres on South Main Street; $27,500

Jason C. Griffin to Susan L. Walton, home on North Elm Street; $135,000

East Liverpool

William D. and Evelyn L. Smith to Chad Hilliard, home on Parkway Avenue; $130,000

Leona J. Swarthout to Mishell M. Thompson, home on Dresden Avenue; $25,000

Patrick T. and Stephanie O’Hara to Hannah Nicole Barton, home on Etruria Street; $40,000

Millicent L. Calkins to Collin J. Warrick, home on Main Boulevard; $31,650

Dona Kettering to Marcus Beebout, home on Ambrose Avenue; $16,000

Roberta Mae and Junior L. Dillow to Brian William and Michelle Lee A. Ferguson, home on Mulberry Street; $25,500

East Palestine

David Siedentopf to Tyller R. and Melanie Blackburn, two family dwelling on Market Street; $182,500

Robert P. Archibald to Richard Shane Hissam. Home on North Avenue; $75,000

James T. and Diane L. Hartford to Tiffany M. Greene, home on High Street; $290,000

Jamie L. Figley to Thomas W. Figley, home on Martin Street; $21,100

Elkrun Township

Paul W. Duncan to Paul A. and Pamela Duncan, home on Miller Road; $40,000

Fairfield Township

Jennifer J. Gallo to Gerald L. and Betsy J. Wilhelm, home on Crestview Road; $420,000

Franklin Township

Madeleine J. Wargo to John Michael Wargo, other residential structures; $26,300

Hanover Township

Bryan K. Jugenheimer to John S. and Shelby J. Hendricks, mobile home on Wisner Road; $34,000

Knox Township

Matthew J. and Jennifer L. Milat to Friendship Heights LLC, home on Homeworth Road; $81,300


Hutton Growth One LLC to CPI Leetonia I LLC, discount store on Hazel Street (Family Dollar); $1,879,300

Sara Louise Baxter to Johnathan W. and Alyse Cress, home on State Street; $46,4000


Arthur J. Spack to Strong Family Investments LLC, two family dwelling on Spruce Street; $92,400

Middleton Township

Russell O. and Linda E. Murphy to Aaron R. and Nicole M. Moore, mobile home on Bye Road; $234,000

Brent W. Bregar to Jennifer Sayers and Donald R. Edwards, mobile home on Riffled Road; $154,000

Margaret Watson to Deutche Bank National Trust Company, home on Yeager Drive; $98,000

Lee and Gwendolyn Cain to Danielle M. and Shane E. Timmons, 158 acres on Fredericktown Clark Road; $45,000

William L. Gotschall to William Terrence Lewis Jr., home on Tomahawk Drive; $475,000

New Waterford

Michael G. Huddleston to Nicole Teoste, two family dwelling on Boardman Street; $93,500

Roy E. and Jerry B. Coblentz to Jerry B. Coblentz, home on Martin Street; $45,100

Perry Township

Gary W. Eichler Jr. to Austin J. Sadler, home on state Route 344; $113,000

Kayla J. Brigham to Marcus Cole, home on Elberon Avenue; $140,050

Gary D. and Ricky L. Sebrell to Ann Coffield, home on Benton Road; $103,500

Salem I An Ohio Limited Partnership to Salem Acres, apartment complex on Prospect Street; $1,625,5000


Ruby Land LLC to Amanda Sue Coy and Ronald L. Black, home on East Seventh Street; $61,000

Tracy A. Schultz to Edward Swale, home on East Perry Street; $75,000

Madeleine J. Wargo to Jack Hilliard Jr., home on Whinnery Road; $66,900

Mahlon F. Griffith Jr. to Maps Real Estate LTD, home on Carole Street; $143,000

David Wardle to Sage Kaimama LLC, home one Jennings Avenue; $20,000

Clifford J. Price to Andrea Mixon, home on Southeast Boulevard; $145,000

Brock D. Menough to Laura L. Aguirre, home on Sixth Street; $105,000

Salem Township

Jersey Ridge LLC to Trent Michael Harrold, 16 acres on Butcher Road; $96,000


Fredo W. and Judy L. Woodburn to Mary Mattern and Joanne Plunkett, home on Main Street; $30,000

Fredd and Judy Woodburn to Andrew Stertzbach, home on Main Street; $43,900

St. Clair Township

Joshua Corrick to Thomas R. and Karen S. Jones III, home on Joy Lane; $569,000

Gary M. and Kayla E. Poling to Misty Kirbaugh, home on state Route 267; $118,900

Washington Township

Ira Lee Sullivan to Assured Properties LLC, home on state Route 644; $13,800


Timothy and Thomas M. Pitts to Strong Family Investments LLC, home on Main Street; $47,850


Mary L. Eastham to Randy Hackney, home on Wood Street; $25,000

West Townhip

Minerva (Lincoln Highway) DG LLC to Mike Pinney (trustee), 2.258 acres on state Route 30; $1,758,000

Robert J. Ludt to Cory B. and Danielle E. Allen, home on state Route 172; $87,500

Yellow Creek Township

Carl L. Capestrain Sr. to Allen Hershberger, 28.87 acres on Oak Ridge Road; $138,110

Carl J. Capestrain Jr. to Allen Hershberger, 5.9 acres on Oak Ridge Road; $26,890


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