Butler Township

Jennifer Amos to Jeremiah and Natalie Kee, home on Winona Road; $235,618

Center Township

William J. Marx et al to Andrew H. and Elizabeth J. VanPelt, home on state Route 164; $90,200

Becky Brown to Hames and April Harter, 14.5 acres on Steubenville Pike Road; $86,3000

Eric S. Jones and Kelly S. Wright to Eric S. Jones, home on Oak Street; $75,000


Adam T. and Jenelle Keller to Anthony and Maranda Zocolo, home on Court Street; $186,000

Michael J and Maria Zetts to Steven J. and Shari M. Kiraly, .5 acres on Homestead; $67,000

East Liverpool

Diane Buck to Shaina D. Hedrick, home on McKinnon Avenue; $45,000

Miles J. and Jeanette K. Harris IV to Jack O. Gloeckner Jr., home on Morton Street; $20,000

Thomas Elkins to Tennor Dane McLaughlin, home on Pennsylvania Avenue; $135,000

David J. Barton to Salvatore M. Scarafile, home on Midway Lane; $88,000

Stephen D. Troup Estate to Gareth Hyder and Jillian Lizotte, home on Cleveland Avenue; $110,000

Community Loan Servicing LLC to Castle 2020 LLC, home on Lincoln Avenue; $2,100

Yelena Yemchuk toJulie A. and Angela J. Veglia, home on Bradshaw Avenue; $16,300

Beechwood Free Methodist Church to Clarence and Nichole Manley, home on Center Street; $22,500

Patrick L. and Carrie A. King Jr. to Anthony J. and Ruthann Kirksey-Warren, home on Sanford Street; $145,000

John H. Diddle and Larry S. Gibson to Boardwalk Realty Group Investments, retail structures on Sixth Street (Handy Sales and Service); $40,000

Lillian I. Barker Trust to Marie Gallop, home on Minerva Street; $16,896

Jeffrey and Julie Kreefer to Don M. Austin Jr., home on Lisbon Street; $70,000

Edward L. and Glenda Drotleff to Theodore A. Defelice, home on Harding Avenue; $139,900

East Palestine

Jeffrey Allen Button to Lady Tramanie LTD, restaurant on Market Street (Down on Main Street Bar & Grill); $2,000

Christian G. and Brandi B. Myers to Wayne E. and Gail L. Bable, home on Jackson Street; $82,000

Gene E. Hilderbrand to Wayne K. and Mitchell A. Bartz, home on North Avenue; $40,975

Jimmy and Ethelyn Taylor to Margaret A. Brooke, home on Grandview Avenue; $175,000

Elkrun Township

Todd Howlett to James R. Kelly, home on state Route 45; $170,000

Jolene R. Goff Trust to Steven J. and Jennifer S. Hill, 17.4 acres on Low Road; $133,400

Fairfield Township

Heidi A. Scott to Quinton and Sharon Steiner, home on Miller Road; $260,000

DM Bieber Development LTD to Gary E. Graham Jr., 34 acres on state Route 7; $250,000

Hanover Township

John R. and Carleen Seligman to D&L LCC, 1 acre on Hoffee Road; $19,500

James C. Marquis to Jeffrey W. and Jennifer D. Amos, home on Randel Road; $250,000

Knox Township

Henry T. Trenkelbach to Justin E. Bickerton, mobile home on Bowman Road; $57,500

Troy R. and Krista L. Koehn to Emily P. Menegay, home on Winona Road; $219,000

Karen S. Lynn to Cooper L. and Morgan L. Briceland, home on U.S. Route 62; $203,000

Danny L. Beegle to Seth J. and Ashley M. Turman, 26.8 acres on Westville Lake Road; $709,000

Greenview Capital LLC to Joseph Marconi, home on Mahoining Avenue; $10,000


D M Bieber Development LTD to Gary W. Snyder, home on Main Street; $18,700

Liverpool Township

Chad M. Blair to Qamirr L. Woodley and Rachel A. Wilson, home on Inez Avenue; $120,500

2304 Gladys Avenue Land Trust to Heather Jo Burnham, home on Gladys Avenue; $30,000

Madison Township

Terry R. Brandt to Marcy J. Thompson, home and 7.2 acres on state Route 45; $250,000

Colan G. and Kimberly J. Alford to Phillip Procario Jr. and Kenneth Marshall, home on Glasgow Road; $350,000

Middleton Township

Venus Wittenauer Rev to Benjamin R. Dickey Trust, 36.5 acres vacant commercial land on state Route 7; $108,994

Bonnie J. Maynard to Cassie Barson, residential structures on Front Street; $8,000

Oliver B. and Rose M. Hulton to Jacob D. and Clara M. Troyer, home on Pine Hollow Road; $130,000

New Waterford

Kenneth Picklesimer to Jacob M.Hudak, home on Main Street; $20,625

Jeffrey M. Feo to Naython Heck, home on Taylor Street; $35,2000

Perry Township

John and Denise L. Repella to Yan Zi and Xiaomin Sun Yong, home on Hampton Place; $267,500

Ronald W. and Pamela S. Castles to Denise and John Repella, home on Allen Road; $245,000

Mary Lynn Matiscik to Ronald W. and Pamela S. Castles, condo on Pembrooke Drive; $82,500

James R. Coy to Monte Keith Weaver, home and 20.9 acres on Georgetown Road; $330,000

FDT Properties LLC to Rebecca E. Durfee, home on Hartley Avenue; $86,600

Kathy McCoy to Tyler J. Rogers, home on Benton Road; $95,000

James Ciancone to Alissa R. Jones, condo on Pembrooke Drive; $70,500

Rog-Jim Investments et al to JS2 Limited, home on Georgetown Road; $250,900


Loretta Barringer to George H. Morris, home on Park Avenue; $110,000

Katie’s Kids Real Estate LLC to Shaun Ray Davill, retail structure on East State Street; $50,000

Timothy Colian to Melody Jeanne Kollar, home on West Sixth Street; $116,000

Ronald T. Cast to Richardson S. and Janine S. Mumford, home on Highland Avenue; $182,500

Kenneth Eugene Shaver to Allison and Allyssa Murphy, home on Southeast Boulevard; $108,000

E K Wilson Properties LLC to DRSR Properties LLC, nursing home on East State Street (Century House); $220,000

Shane K. Kibler to Steven J. McKinley, home on Sixth Street; $132,500

Salem Township

Robin D. Metxgar to Joshua J. Irey, home on Yates Road; $85,000

Regina Liba to Tami and Jerry Scott Greaver, land on state Route 164; $10,000


United Presbyterian Church to Destiny House Assembly of God Inc., church on North Street; $79,100

Castles Pioneering Inc to Heather Zook, home on Main Street; $46,000

St. Clair Township

Donald M. Thompson Trust to Dustin Martsolf, 12.4 acres of agricultural land on Bell School Road; $70,000

Loretta Jean Ruthem to Bruce A. and Diana E. Mey, 10 acres on Old Fredricktown Road; $196,000

Unity Township

Deborah J. See et al to Charles E. and Rebecca L. See, commercial garage and other commercial structures on Bacon Avenue; $16,600

Deborah J. See et al to Charles E. and Rebecca L. See, home on Neeld Road; $68,300

James C. Bell to Donald Keith Hollingshead, 86.8 agricultural acres on Carbon Hill Road; $325,000

Washington Township

Marvin and Carol Yoder Trust to Suzanne L. Garlena, 151 acres on Clarks Mill Road; $324,000


Jessica Lynn McKeegan to Rick Allison, home on Highland Avenue; $50,200

West Township

James Guest to Clarence E. Stephens Jr., home on Rochester Road; $2,5000

Jeffrey M. McCauley to Tar and Clint Manzonie, 3.1 acres on Lion Avenue; $34,000

Yellow Creek Township

Barry L. Schultz to Nathan and Rachel Nightingale, home on Forbes Road; $195,000

Frank M. Soltesz to Scott and Marissa A. Brown, home on Skyline Drive; $149,000


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