Butler Township

Sevakeen Country Club to Sevakeen Country Club, home on Buck Road; $81,350

Randy and Yvette Graham to Candic and Travis C. McDonald, home and eight acres on Valley Road; $120,000

Mary A. Faehnle to Michael J. Martin, home on Cameron Street; $128,500

Center Township

Bradley and Susan McCullough to Abigail and Derek Wolfe, 70 acres on Black Road; $325,000


Ryan J. Brown to Joseph Chuck, home on Manor Road; $240,000

Gregory and Paul Bowman to Darla J. Rhodes, condominium unit on Timberline Drive; $200,000

Darryl L. Kiehl to Timothy and Tawnya Stommel, multi-family home on West Park Avenue; $160,000

Lawrence M. Friend to Jessica M. and Erik J. Kochanowski, home on Homestead Drive; $520,000

Mark and Diane Sarver to Anthony and Samantha Nappo, home on Royal Birkdale Drive; $505,000

East Liverpool

Tabernacle of Praise and Worship to Natalie E. Coles, home on Sixth Street; $3,900

Elaine C. Szymanek to Loretta R. and Ralph Coursin Sr., home on Lisbon Street; $120,000

Benjamin and Kristin J. Estell to David and Nicole E. Estell, home on Allison Street; $58,000

Donald and Dale E. Matthews Jr. to Alexis and Brandon M. Mattern, home on Midway Lane; $140,000

Joshua D. Croxall to Brent A. Taggart, home on Holliday Street; $72,000

William E. Ream and Suzan Albright to William E. Ream, home on Beechwood Avenue; $23,450

Joelyn M. Shank to Justin D. Britt, home on St. Clair Avenue; $155,000

Peggy Ann Graham to Edward A. Roberts III, home on Williams Avenue; $67,000

Earl F. Stanley to Ralph A. Aquino, land on Needham Street; $1,500

Grinnell Lake LLC to Davenda Rentals LLC, duplex on Thompson Avenue; $2,500

William and Debra Stephens to Williams Stephens, home on Hazel Street; $14,350

Robert D. Stoneburner to Ricardo Hernandez, home on Fawcett Street; $7,000

East Palestine

Sheila and Rex H. Graham to Carol Brightwell, three acres on Bacon Avenue; $45,000

Kerri and Kenneth C. Brown Jr. to Holly J. and Robert L. Noel, land on McClure Avenue; $8,000

William J. Sattler to Jason and Lynn Norton, home on Park Avenue; $95,000

Elkrun Township

Dorris B. Ferro to Bethany M. Holmes, home and seven acres on Davner Road; $233,000

Fairfield Township

Scott and Brittany Wilson to Kenneth M. Wilson, mobile home on Unity Line Road; $21,350

Hanover Township

Richard Bryer to Spencer J. Schmitt, land on Sunset Avenue; $20,000


Dennis and Rita Mosholder to LF Ohio LLC, manufacturing plant on Front Street and office building on Main Street; $150,000


Joseph H. Chuck to Gavin O. and Samantha Montana, home on East Chestnut Street; $137,000

WK Properties III to Michael Palmer, apartment building on East Lincoln Way; $130,000

Liverpool Township

Rebecca M. Williams to Garrett W. Bryson, home on Harding Avenue; $295,000

Arla J. Fitch to Paul and Kathryn A. Brown, home on Eighth Avenue; $33,000

Dario N. Salomon to Lisa Salyers et al., home on May Road; $92,500

Brian and Rozanne Clough to James D. Snyder, home on Lisbon Street; $155,000

Malia and Nathan Bond to Anthony Sly and Erica Baker, home on Stagecoach Road; $390,000

Prestige Properties of East Liverpool to Mary E. Davis, home on Cheval Avenue; $56,000

Madison Township

Kenneth and Martha Vincent to Janet Holzer-Cofini and James Cofini, mobile home and 3.6 acres on McIntosh Road; $210,000

South Field Energy LLC to American Transmission Systems Inc. and South Field Energy LLC, industrial structure and 55.9 acres on Sines Road; $174,155

Middleton Township

Vyron L. Shultz to Lori R. Ridgley, home on Sprucevale Road; $80,000

New Waterford

Simon J. Lang to Carol and Richard Meredith, duplex on New England Square Drive; $75,000

Perry Township

Jeffrey Smith and Shirley R. Brant to Kenneth and Samantha Rhoads, home on Jones Drive; $55,200


Ronald L. and Tammy L. Black to Joshua Sheppard, home on Fifth Street; $31,500

Gary Eichler Jr. to Dillon and Erin N. Utnehmer, home on Adams Avenue; $139,900

Jean and Robert S. McCulloch III to trustee of Robert S. McCulloch III, home and one acre on Highland Avenue; $200,000

Ryan and Kayleigh Stanley to Corey Thompson, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $145,000

Miguel Nicolas to Andres and Florencia Francisco, duplex on East Third Street; $20,000

Lowry Family Limited Partnership to Howlett Holdings LLC, office building on Southeast Boulevard; $132,000

Mark and Sherri Slocum to Gary Colian, home on East Third Street; $50,900

Dee A. Baker and Kristy Pritchard to Kristy Pritchard, home on Aetna Street; $13,050

James and Jane Carpenter to the trustee of Lori Davis, home on West Sixteenth Street; $185,000

Salem Township

Keydron and Gale Derosa to Kristopher J. Branch, home and one acre on state Route 164; $194,000

Kimberly Chestnut and Paul V. Calabrese Jr. to Frank M. Rinko Jr. and Stacy A. Goodyear, home and 10 acres on Grafton Road; $415,000

Barry University et al to Arthur L. Maroscher, 65 acres on Salem Grange Road; $195,000


Elizabeth A. Butler and Paula S. Moore to Casey L. Cochran, home on Main Street; $70,000

St. Clair Township

DiLoreto Development LLC to Eric and Casey L. MacMillen, land on Civitella Drive; $49,900

Prestige Properties of East Liverpool to Evan and McKenzie Dotson, home and 1.4 acres on Parkway Avenue; $250,000

Nelson H. Cox to Virginia and James Ramsey, office building on state Route 170; $155,000

Unity Township

Marion S. Pudder to Jill M. Bable, home on Bacon Avenue; $36,000

God’s Haven of Rest Inc. to Harold R. Fezle, building and 8.5 acres on state Route 14 and State Line Road; $100,000

Dale Clemmer to Dale Clemmer and Pamela Gianetti, home on Main Street; $8,000


Daniel and Lori Floyd to Eric Smith Properties LLC, commercial structure on Fifth and Broadway; $68,000

William J. Culp to Albert and Anna Carr, home on Lincoln Avenue; $75,000

Yellow Creek Township

Dominique Powell to Jeffrey Peterson, home on Shontz Drive; $210,000


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