Butler Township

Chadwick D. Mercer to Greg M. Raneri, home and 1.2 acres on Winona Road; $162,000

Center Township

Rose Family Limited Partnership to Charles L. Beiling, 10.5 acres on Hunters Camp Road, land on Megan Place; $121,000


Marjorie E. Campman to Suzanne L. Kloss, condominium unit on Timberline Road; $195,000

Youngstown and Southeastern Railroad to EPOC Properties LLC, vacant land on Pittsburgh Street; $2,200

Cardinal Lots LLC to Gary and Megan M. Lapushansky, land on Juniper Drive; $40,000

Kimpres Real Estate LLC to Elizabeth and Jason L. Devan, residential structure on Fairfield Avenue; $5,000

Cindy L. Lintz to Jeffrey W. Francis, mobile home on Southern Avenue; $34,847

East Palestine

Gary L. Rhodes to Katherine Benedetto, home on Martin Street; $127,500

East Liverpool

Thomas J. and Amy E. Lacey to Nicholas G. Shreve, home on Dorothy Street; $59,900

Alfred P. and Bonnie L. Cochran, home on Park Avenue; $79,900

R&P New Life Properties LLC to Kenneth S. and Jessica R. Williams, home on Railroad Street; $18,000

Susan R. Groves to Gina Dunlap and Erik Sullivan, home on Thompson Avenue; $1,000

Christopher L. and Teresa Harrison to Matthew Lamon and Leah Heddleston, home on St. Clair Avenue; $125,000

Elkrun Township

Thomas L. Faulk to Austin Chamberlain, 173 acres on state Route 517; $500,000

Fairfield Township

Floyd K. Lile to Lonna M. Moraski, home and 8.9 acres on state Route 517; $157,500

Austin Chamberlain to Isaac B. Guy, home on Crestview Road; $155,000

Patrick H. and Edna May Murphy to Richard K. and Patricia Huggins, home and two acres on Middleton Road; $225,000

Chase Brown to Lewis and Robyn Walker, home and 11 acres on state Route 164; $266,000

Franklin Township

Cody L. Gibson to Daniel and Misty Hegal, home and 2.2 acres on Willard Road; $45,000

Hanover Township

Joshua E. Kosko to Beth A. O’Dell, home and 7.5 acres on state Route 172; $75,000

Walter and Dora J. Dunn to Eli Oana, home and five acres on Speidel Road; $242,500

Megan A. Terry and Sean Weyant to Christine K. and Robert G. Heutsche III, home on Wooddale Drive; $205,000

Jay B. Mullen to John J. Sisson and Chelsea N. Herrick, mobile home and 4.8 acres on Pass Lane; $161,000

Lynn Hall to Catelynn M. Johnson, home on state Route 30; $6,100

Knox Township

Warner W. and Glenna L. Zingg to William J. Watkins, home on Margaret Lane; $207,000


Charles R. and Sharmian Daub to Strong Family Investments LLC, duplex on West Chestnut Street; $58,000

Nicholas S. Rodi to Michael Herstine and Shannon Koehler, home on Prospect Street; $110,000


Bettie J. White to Gary and Angela Bayda, parking structure and retail store on Front Street; $15,000

Elaine Guy to Mollie Donnelly and Nicholas Nemick, home on Pearl Street; $94,000

Liverpool Township

Jeffery and Tracie Cameron to Robert D. and Lori P. Ludwig, home on Third Avenue; $12,000

Pamela S. Six to Michael D. Myers, home on Crestview Drive; $80,000

Michael G. Linville to Hayden T. Cunningham, home on Garner Avenue; $5,200

Joseph Yablinsky to Michael J. Salsberry, home one Carolina Avenue; $110,130

Madison Township

Roxanne E. Randolph to William A. Randolph, home and 1.9 acres on Desellem Road; $90,000

Perry Township

Antoinette R. Tenzek to Brandon and Ashley N. Moffett, home and five acres on Georgetown Road; $175,000

James K. and Rebecca M. Gardella to Charles Bable, home and two acres on North Lincoln Avenue; $205,000


Ben and Rebecca Milhoan to Christine and Gregory V. Smith, duplex on Fair Avenue; $125,500

Brian S. Wright to Tamara M. Stroup, home one Arch Street; $76,000

Ruth O. McCoy to Kari B. Miller, home on Southeast Boulevard; $197,500

James C. Robertson to Michael Bailey, retail structure on West State Street (Performance Tae Kwon Do); $59,500

Sharon Culp to Taryn R. Hahn, home on Deming Street; $75,000

Michael J. Velman to Seth and Amber Grubaugh, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $189,000

Frank B. Bruderly to Antoinette Tenzek, home on Jefferson Street; $132,000

Juventino Ajanel and Marta Chum to Devin M. Streets, home on Cleveland Street; $84,500

Salem Township

Paul E. and Mary Ann Williams to Matthew and Lenna Williams, home on Leetonia Road; $177,000

Jason V. Lorch to Jill R. Lutman, home and two acres on Leetonia Road; $150,000

St. Clair Township

Jody J. Wisbith and Joyce M. Nutz to Matthew A. McCoy, home on Stagecoach Road; $150,000

Megan E. Henry to Nicholas and Laurel Coleman, home and half acre on Bloomfield Avenue; $118,202

Richard and Rex Aschenbrenner to Garrett D. Miller, home on Park Circle; $156,500

Washington Township

Terry L. and Brenda L. Mellott to Gary B. Sprouse II, home and one acre on Walnut Ridge Road; $265,000


Magmen LLC to Bruce A. Whittaker, home on Riverside Avenue; $28,000

West Township

Lou Ann Sell to James E. Fisher, 4.3 acres on Bower Road; $134,000

Frank J. and Constance A. Hein to Michael D. and June M. Becker, land on Sandy Springs Road; $200

Frank M. Drago to ROR LLC, small retail store on Main Street; $160,000

Yellow Creek Township

Gary B. Sprouse II to Courtney Dorogi, home on Brandon Drive; $165,000

Barbara S. Cunningham to Ronald J. and Suzanne M. Berstler, 2.3 acres on Lowmiller Road; $10,000

Heath E. Halter to Jesse D. Overholt, seven acres on Lowmiller Road; $57,952

TM Estates LLC to Renee D. Dickey, home on Chester Avenue; $79,500


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