Police Log


— A woman in the 400 Riverside Avenue filed a complaint regarding her ex-husband directing threats at her current boyfriend at 4:52 p.m. Nov. 16.

— Two women were charged after officers responded to a fight at 1 p.m. Nov. 13 in the intersection of Aten and Maple. After police initiated a stop on the suspect vehicle, the driver Theresa Coles, no address listed, was cited for driving under suspension, while her passenger Ikelma Abercrombie allegedly dropped a needle out of her pocket. After Abercrombie allegedly admitted it was used for heroin, she was arrested. Officers found nine more needles in her possession, a crack pipe and multiple bags of white powder she allegedly described as “fake heroin.” She was subsequently charged with possession of drug abuse instruments for the needles and drug paraphernalia for the pipe, and the gas of white powder will be sent to the crime lab for testing.

— Police were dispatched to Pep’s Store, where a male subject told them at 9:04 p.m. Nov. 13 that he wanted to retrieve his father’s guns from his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. She denied that they were ever there when asked by police.

— Raquan Dawson, of Steubenville, was cited at 3 a.m. Nov. 17 in the area of Aten and Clark for driving under suspension, after a routine traffic stop. Dawson drove north two blocks before he stopped his vehicle, opened the door and walked back to the cruiser to make contact with officers. He and his passenger were then transported to a residence on 10th Street.


–David W. Lotze, 50, Cleveland Street, Salem, was charged with marijuana possession following a traffic stop on North Market Street at 11:46 p.m. Nov. 13. He was pulled over for a lane violation and police found some marijuana on him along with an open container of Lady Bligh spice rum, but he passed the field sobriety test

–Police were called state Route 164 near Dickey’s at 6:25 a.m. Nov. 13 because Richard R.Vecchio, 50, state Route 164, had fallen from his bicycle. Vecchio was stumbling and had slurring and police found alcohol in a water bottle he was carrying. Vecchio was cited for public intoxication.

–Wyatt J. Fone, 24, of Chester, W.Va., was cited for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle following a traffic stop after a beer can was seen being ejected from the vehicle on East Washington Street at 12:41 a.m. Nov. 15. Fone was the passenger and he advised the officer he had a handgun — a loaded Sig Sauer with 11 rounds in the magazine. Fone was charged because but lacked a concealed carry permit.

County Sheriff

— A prowler was reported at a Peace Valley Road, Middleton Township, address at 2:31 a.m. Wednesday. Deputies checked the area, but did not find any evidence of anyone being around.

— An East Liverpool Road, Madison Township, man reported at 3:49 p.m. Wednesday sometime between Nov. 2 and then someone cut the catalytic converters off a Ford F-150.

— Someone dialed 911 in the 39000 block of state Route 517 in Center Township and left the line open at 7:18 p.m. Tuesday. Deputies checked the area, but did not find anything.

— A person was reported possibly passed out at Dollar General in Damascus at 6:25 p.m. Tuesday. Deputies found a man who said he was waiting for his girlfriend. Both the man, his girlfriend and a child in the vehicle were fine. Before they left deputies told them they are no longer welcome at the store and if they return they will be charged with criminal trespassing.


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