Cynthia A. Dean to Jenna York, home on Union Street; $83,000

Robert Krauss, trustee, to William Klim Jr., home on Lakeview Drive; $175,000

Justin D. Mayer, et al, to Kyle Minamyer, home on Lisbon Street; $134,500

East Liverpool

Patrick Dorn and Lindsey Swoge to Gary Garrison, home on Cora Street; $50,000

Craig and Rebecca Brown to Donald and Jan Hunt, residential vacant land; $500

East Palestine

Kevin Watson and Jan Roehll to Threshold Residential Services Inc., home on Evergreen Drive; $138,000

Timothy Blythe to Brian Chase and Kristina Demor, home on Market Street; $84,000

Colleen A. Beesinger to Jennifer Lynch, home on Alice Street; $60,000

Hanover Township

Mildred Strabala to Rick and Jeri Davis, residential vacant land on Laughlin Mill Road; $7,000

Knox Township

Keith A. Wood to Micayla R. Crallie, et al, home on Bowman Road; $152,000

Matz LTD to Homeworth Industries LTD, home and residential vacant land on Main Street and Cherry Street; $62,500


David Kilgore to Phillip E. Gregory, home on state Route 164; $111,000


Donald and Donna Mason to Matthew and Alaysha McCaslin, home on West Washington Street; $169,000

Liverpool Township

Janice Conkle to Michael and Jackie Vernaccini, home on Beacon Way; $15,000

Howard Barnhouse to Rocco Dalonzo, home and residential vacant land on Hampton Court and Hill Boulevard; $200,000

Jason Conkle to Michael and Jacki Vernaccini, home on Beacon Way, $6,000

Madison Township

Susan E. Rife to John Wright, residential vacant land on Osbourne Road; $8,000

Christopher and Maxwell Lutton to Bryan and Melissa Derenburger, 4 acres on Purton Road; $9,000

Middleton Township

Joseph Novak to Scott and Janice Zang, residential vacant land on Chippewa Trail; $500

Jamie and Sondra Livolsi to Timothy Miller, residential vacant land on Yuma Cove, Tomahawk Drive and Kiowa Trail; $22,500

Perry Township

Margaret Kleinhenz, trustee, to Timothy and Denise Dickey, home on East Eleventh Street; $121,000

Marjorie L. Catlos to Daniel and Tamara Murphy, home on Beechwood Road; $60,000


Jack and Sandra Wilson to Amy and Terry Burkey Jr., home on Depot Street; $49,000

St. Clair Township

Charles M. Keyes to Donald L. Morris, mobile home and other residential structures on Main Street; $126,000

Bert Dawson to Calcutta 16687 LLC, medical clinics and office buildings on St. Clair Avenue; $500,000

Vic L. Wolfe to Christopher and Laron Argabrite, home on Indy Court; $283,000

Warren and Deborah Smith to Mark and Patricia Congo, 3 acres on Cricket Lane; $23,000


Damion Cheresne to Peter Dufresne, home on East Perry Street; $114,900

Bricker Land LLC to Quaker Homes LLC, residential vacant land on Orchard Bend Drive; $21,000

Anna Maloney to Robert and Travis Trummer, home on Vine Avenue; $23,800

Randel and Patricia Alpago to Travis Bare and Lori Singerbare, home on Euclid Street; $126,500

Unity Township

Eugene Royle to Ronald A. Hodge, home and other residential structures on Bye Road; $130,000


Margaret Gates to The Williamson Group Inc., home and other residential structures on Maple Avenue; $34,000

Yellow Creek Township

Ryan and David Mobley to Danny and Elizabeth Carr, home on Iowa Street; $82,500

Lewis and Rita Buxton to Steven and Pamela Cooper, home on state Route 30; $46,200


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