LISBON — Mason Andrew Taylor, 20, Oakmont Avenue, East Liverpool, was bound over in County Municipal Court on an assault charge for allegedly causing serious injuries to an East Palestine man. Taylor allegedly went to East Palestine to seek out Matthew Jerome after there had been an argument over a social media app about a woman on Oct. 2. Utilizing a weapon resembling a cat’s ears in the form of two protruding spikes, Taylor allegedly struck Jerome numerous times in the face. The injuries included a fracture to his orbital bone, a fracture to the interior wall of his sinuses and a damaged retina, which required surgical repair.

An Oct. 22 pretrial was set for Brent T. Durk, 26, Aetna Street, Salem, charged with escape, obstructing official business and illegal drug paraphernalia. On Sept. 17, Durk was allegedly the passenger in a vehicle belonged in a pursuit, when a camo bag containing a baggie with a crystal-like substance in it between the two seats. He reportedly refused to put his feet into the police cruiser to prevent the door from being closed and kicked the officer in the thigh, getting back out of the vehicle and being taken to the ground.

A Dec. 1 pretrial was set for Lee E. Endres, 36, Canfield, cited with OVI first offense, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a tail lights violation and a turn signal violation.

An Oct. 27 pretrial was set for Zachary D. Moore, 20, Hammondsville, cited with OVI first offense, failure to control and a seat belt violation.

Nicholas Phillips, 23, New Garden Avenue, Salem, was fined $300 for possession of marijuana and a traffic control device violation.

An Oct. 26 pretrial was set for Tammy R. Mascato, 47, Walnut Grove Lane, New Waterford, charged with domestic violence for allegedly scratching, hitting and grabbing Anthony Mascato on Thursday.

A Nov. 24 pretrial was set for Aihua Yang, 50, West State Street, Salem, charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest for allegedly grabbing a metal ladle and charging at Jun Yong Chen in an attempt to harm him on Monday. Then she allegedly began flailing and striking a Salem patrolman multiple times as he attempted to place her into handcuffs.

Richard E. Richards, 47, Damascus, Ark., was fined $680 for failure to stop, driving under suspension and failure to yield.

Nicholas Wukotich, 18, Cream Ridge Road, Lisbon, was fined $295 and required 30 hours community service for underage consumption and speeding.

Tammi L. Sentz, 49, Gorby Road, East Palestine, was fined $150 for an equipment violation amended from failing to stop for a school bus.

A Dec. 7 pretrial was set for Milton S. Marple IV, 21, U.S. Route 30, Lisbon, cited with underage consumption for allegedly providing alcohol to other underage people on Sept. 19.

An Oct. 27 pretrial was set for Alex H. Graham, 22, Youngstown, cited with possession of marijuana.

A charge of driving under FRA suspension was dismissed against Malina Mercedes Anne Neishleb, 25, Prospect Street, Salem, who had initially been cited for driving under a non-compliance suspension.


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