Center Township

Lisbon Racing Pigeon Club to Clint Reynolds, home at 39264 Brookfield Ave.; $1,500


Patrick and Meredith Gorman to William Michael Jr., home on Canterbury Court; $360,000

East Liverpool

Ruth Menough to Boardwalk Realty, home on Valley View Street; $17,250

Thomas and Jessica Elkins to Lori Danver, home on Oakland Avenue; $49,094

Craig and Carey Stowers to Bill & Bern Properties, home on May Street; $9,250

Craig and Corey Stowers to Bill & Bern Properties, duplex on Bradshaw Avenue; $9,250

Scott Emmerling to County Land Bank, home at 1324 Ceramic St.; 0

Frank Thorne to County Land Bank, home at 306 Norton St.; 0

Raymond Scott to County Land Bank, home at 315 Grant St.; 0

Raymond Scott to County Land Bank, home at 319 Grant St.; 0

Glenn Gates, et al, to County Land Bank, properties at 718 and 722 Cadmus St.; 0

Raymond Scott to County Land Bank, duplex at 313 Grant St.; 0

East Palestine

Sarah L. Dyke to Sarah Dyke and Eric Eisler, home on Taggart Street; $28,050

Strohecker Properties to Skynzep LLC, properties on Pleasant Drive, Howell Road, Rogers Street and Arter Avenue; $44,420

Jonathan Hall to Deanne Bowers, home on Main Street; $65,000

Daniel and Veronica Figley to Lori and Robert Harris III, home on North Avenue; $105,000

Pamela Figley to Daniel Figley, triplex on Park Drive; $150,000

Elkrun Township

Kristen Kerrish, et al, to Joshua Barnard, mobile home and 8 acres on Carlisle Road; $85,500

Fairfield Township

Douglas McElroy to Cynthia and Richard Warrington, home and 1.8 acres on state Route 558; $261,500

Hanover Township

Thomas and Florence Smith to Thomas Smith and Ronald and Lisa Hyde, property on state Route 172 and Lakeview Road; $20,750


James and Susan Wenderoth to Joshua and Martha Tennant, home on Somer Street; $107,000


Nancy Simpson to Richard and Susan Joy, home on North Market Street; $125,000

Liverpool Township

Martha Govey to Norita McGuire, condominium on Crestview Drive; $177,700

Madison Township

Diana and and Anthony Rock to Kristen R. Williams, home on Cannons Mill Road; $47,000

Middleton Township

Jonah Kennedy to Tana and Donavan Snyder, 5 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $25,000

Kristi and James Campbell Jr. to Sarah and James Blake Jr., home on Mohican Trail; $210,500

Perry Township

Richard Coppock to Sandra Muck, condominium on state Route 45; $158,500

Norita McGuire to Jeffrey McGuire, home and 1.8 acres on Stewart Road; $125,000

Scott and Lindsay Travers to Linda and Sherry Daufen, home on Plymouth Place; $139,000

Glen and Judith Herron to Jonathan and Lindsay Fortney, home on Pidgeon Road; $148,000


Esther Sell to Lisa Shafer, condominium on Hawley Avenue; $88,000

Daniel Kaufman to Timothy and Bethany Hartley, home on North Howard Street; $9,000

City of Salem to County Land Bank, 0.2 acres on Quaker Circle; 0

Jonathan Fortney to Michael Kolton, home on Franklin Avenue; $144,500

Wells Fargo to Larry and Jill Bable, home on East Pershing Street; $65,000


Jason Tucker and Wade Moore to county land bank, home at 51 Main St.; 0

St. Clair Township

Debra Mullen to Cy Edison, home on Bell School Road; $58,300

Wesley and Marjorie McCune to Seth Harrison and Andrea Koon, home on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $107,000


Sandra Muck to Keval Holdings LLC, home and 2.5 acres on Smith Road; $183,000

Unity Township

Ian McNally to Carey Fox, home and 1.3 acres on Myway Lane; $255,000

Washington Township

Scott Steele to Cassandra Mechling, 5.5 acres on state Route 39; $10,000


Thomas and Barbara Fullerton to James and Tonda Ross, home on Main Street; $65,000\

Jack Carman to John Croxall, home on Chester Avenue; $23,500


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