Center Township

Lisbon Masonic Temple to Joseph Mong, 1 acre on state Route 172; $2,000


Robert L. Antram, trustee, to Lloyd and Amy Martin, home on Stanton Avenue; $89,500

East Liverpool

Todd and Tyler Virden to Tina Wheatley, home Etruria Street; $12,600

Theresa and Michael Wolfe Jr. to Michael A. Baldwin, home on Center Street; $30,000

Common Wealth Inc. to Jeff and Kimberly Smith, home on Maryland Avenue; $54,900

East Palestine

Leslie Seagle to Amanda Urgitus and Thomas Baker, home on West Martin Street; $90,000

Roberta Brittain to Brian and Carol Foy, home on North Walnut Street; $147,000

Timothy and Kelly Leisure to Santana Harding, home on Lyons Avenue; $79,800

David Hostetter to Lucas Holsopple, home on South Walnut Street; $74,980

Fairfield Township

Robert Pyatt to Luke and Jennifer Shellenberger, home and 16 acres on state Route 558; $220,000

Kenneth Robinson to Oliver Real Estate, house trailer and 0.6 acre on Crestview Road; $43,450

Hanover Township

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jarrett Kreps, home on state Route 9; $30,304

Knox Township

Smythe Family Trust to Lee Patrick and Teddi Ferguson, home on Hartley Road; $235,000

Raymond Wade, et al, to Kimberly Orner, manufactured home and 2 acres on Bowman Road; $58,278


Harold King to Brenda Geon, home on West Washington St.; $60,000

Madison Township

Samuel and Chantal Doughty to Broch Elliott, home and 7.6 acres on Y Camp Road; $90,000

Madison Township

Knapp Road LLC to Armadillo Development LLC (agent/incorporator Elizabeth Eshenbaugh), 32 acres on the south side of state Route 11; $50,000

Middleton Township

Glen Detwiler, et al, to Alan Detwiler and Diana Morris, partial interest in home and 5.1 acres on Sprucevale Road; gift


Ryan Pettit and Jennifer Halstead to Terri Bower, home on Washington Avenue; $20,000

Anna Lepping to Rebecca and Earl Tirey, home on Southeast Boulevard; $108,550

Ella D. Vaughn to Twila Rothburst, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $57,500

James L. Stockton to Raymond and Jeanette Kuehn,home on South Union Avenue; $105,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Henry and Michelle Price, home at 834 N. Ellsworth Ave.; $31,500

Salem Township

Tammy Mitchell to Brent and Jennifer Polen, home on Foxden Drive; $350,000

Emery and Shannon Blissenbach to James Stockton and Diane Severe, home and 2.2 acres on Appleridge Road; $310,000


Huntington National Bank to Mitchell McGuire, home and 2.4 acres at 1256 Old Monroeville Road; $19,000

Unity Township

David and Diana DePillo to James and Patricia Black, 10 acres and a building on Hamilton Road; $62,000


Cody Brightwell to Larry Adkins and Iva Vandyke, home on Washington Street; $25,000

West Township

Frank R. Shaffer to AIDA Group LLC, home and 1 acre on state Route 172; $42,136

AIDA Group LLC to Haleigh R. Hill, home and 1 acre on state Route 172; $59,500

David and Connie Krizon to Cory and Alissa Parrish, home on U.S. Route 30; $65,000


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