Lisbon Police Reports

Police checked the doors and windows at East Of Chicago at 3:57 a.m. Friday when an alarm sounded. A delivery truck was parked next to the building and police discussed the possibility the driver had accidentally set off the alarm.

During a traffic stop at 6:31 p.m. Thursday, Ashlei R. Conkle, 24, Fink Road, Kensington, seemed agitated and nervous. After speaking with her and her passenger, Cody A. Lawson, police had conflicting stories about the owner of a bag in the vehicle. Police said they were calling a K-9, but Lawson said he did not want the dog jumping on his car and scratching it. Instead, he said police could search the vehicle. Police found multiple pills inside plastic wrap and a blue glass pipe with residue inside. Conkle was charged with drug paraphernalia and the pills will be sent to the lab for testing.