St. Clair Township Police Reports

One man was arrested after police responded Tuesday afternoon to a St. Clair Avenue residence for a possible hostage situation. Kandi L. Tanner, Smith Road, called to report she had been called by Roger M. Maxwell, who was at 15970 St. Clair Ave., where he said other people inside the apartment had stolen his money and personal items and he was holding them hostage with a pipe. When officers arrived, they were met by tenant Douglas Toothman and said other people were inside but Maxwell had left. None of those present wanted to file charges against him. As officers were leaving, he returned and was taken to the police department where he was served with a protection order on behalf of Tanner. One of the people present in the apartment, Maurice L. Kimmie, 24, Cleveland, reportedly gave officers the wrong name when asked and he was charged with falsification. He had active warrants out of the Cleveland area and was transported to the county jail.