Columbiana County Sheriff

Donald Novak, Stanley Drive, Knox Township, reported at 3:40 p.m. Friday he has been having problems with his neighbor for the past five years, threatening to beat him up. Novak also reported the neighbor, Richard Fetters, told his friend Nancy Dulany, Fetters has a gun and implied he would shoot Novak. Deputies spoke to Dulany, who said whenever they have a visitor at the house, Fetters will walk out of his house and stand by the garage so he can hear what is being said. During one incident Novak reportedly was backing a camper onto his property and backed up too far, striking a bush belonging to Fetters, which he offered to replace if it dies. Fetters reportedly then threatened Novak. Dulany told deputies Fetters has warned her to keep Novak inside because he was not responsible for what he will do. Dulany and Novak declined to pursue charges, but were given information on how to obtain a protection order.

Jeany Dilling, state Route 7, Elkrun Township, reported at 5:36 p.m. Friday her 14-year-old grandson received text messages from his mother, Nicole Novak, who is reportedly calling Dilling obscene names in the texts. Deputies told Dilling several times to calm down and stop yelling during the conversation. They were told to have the mother’s number blocked.

Patricia Soos, Lisbon Road, Salem Township, reported at 9:32 p.m. Friday she heard a loud bang earlier and then when she went out later to take out the trash she found someone had struck her garage door with something.