East Liverpool Police Reports

A man and woman were reported screaming at each other in the parking lot at the Fawcett Apartments, Moore Street, at 5:36 a.m. Nov. 19. Police arrived to find a man loading items into a vehicle and arguing with a woman. The man told police he was sorry they were called but his mother has dementia and wants to take all of her belongings out of her apartment with her on the train and he was trying to explain to her that it will cost $20 per bag and he does not have enough money for her to take all of her belongings. She then called him a liar and another name before stating she should have aborted him. She told police he treats her badly. Police suggested they load up their belongings instead of yelling at each other at 6 a.m. While he began loading up the remaining items, she told her son, who is 46 years old, that when she gets back from her trip she is putting him up for adoption.