St. Clair Township Reports

Officers responded to Walmart for a man huffing from a can inside a bag while sitting on a bench outside the store. Witnesses reported he was passing out afterward. Steven C. Schneider, 39, Morton Street, was charged with abusing harmful intoxicants, with officers noting he had been convicted of the same offense at least six times since 2010.

Kimberly Hysong, Longs Church Road, reported returning home to find her garage door opener wouldn’t work and the locks changed on the front door. Robert Beresford told police he had purchased the house through a foreclosure. Hysong gathered a few items and left for the evening.

Timothy Toothman, Annesley Road, reported being harassed by Howard Ammon. Ammon said he is being harassed by Toothman. They were told to stay away from each other.

Officers were called to the parking lot of Tim Horton’s for a domestic dispute, with no other details reported.

Carriage Hill Apartments manager Annette Lindstrom reported hearing glass breaking and seeing two white males in their 20s getting into a burgundy SUV. The front door window was found broken.