EL schools debut new tutoring network for their students

(Left) Registered with the Potter Tutoring Network are tutors, from left, Lindsay Ramsey, Tiffany Rudibaugh, Whittni Adkins, Carolyn Allison, Mary Blakeley and Betsi Mudrick from LaCroft Elementary School.

EAST LIVERPOOL — Starting Monday, East Liverpool students looking for a little extra academic help or to improve their ACT (American College Test) scores can sign into the Potter Tutoring Network.

Jack Cunningham, director of curriculum and school improvement, admits that the district decided to offer the service as a result of the pandemic; however, he also wanted it to benefit students also looking for an edge.

When he took this position this past summer, Cunningham liked the idea of offering assistance to the district’s students with either a developmental disability plan or an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), especially since the pandemic resulted in money being made available to help fund tutoring programs.

“Yes, I wanted to provide some opportunity to our kids, but not just the ones who were behind. (I also wanted to help) those who wanted to get ahead,” he explained.

Thus, the creation of the Potter Tutoring Network at www.pottertutoringnetwork.com.

So, who better to call then the firm hired to create Learning Ohio, a website created for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide learning support for registered students.

Fam-ess LLC, a third-party vendor out of the Columbus area, is running the Potter Tutoring Network, where families apply through the district to get tutors. Each family gets credits to their account, and they can book one of the listed tutors from a directory to have face-to-face and one-on-one instruction outside the standard school day.

It isn’t necessarily the place for individual homework help, as the goal is that teachers would deal with that during a normal classroom day. However, this is more geared to expanding the learning opportunities.

A few Fridays ago, the district opened enrollment opportunities, and Cunningham hopes that everyone takes advantage. His goal is to have 1,200 registrants and have the tutoring available year round.

He admits they are still looking for a few good men and women to serve as tutors, who make $30 per hour (or $15 for a half hour appointment) by the site. According to the site, the Potter Tutoring Network is looking for tutors that know the material inside and out, have strong communication skills, know how to build a student’s confidence and are highly engaged and organized as well as an employed teacher already within the district.

Cunningham, while principal at North Elementary School, himself was a tutor through the Learning Ohio program and tutored five or six families from North.

For more information, either call Cunningham at 330-385-7132 or email him at jcunningham@elpotters.school.

Tutoring sessions will officially begin that first week of November.



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