Beagle seeks EL first ward council seat

Tom Beagle, owner of Power Fitness FT East Liverpool’s Working Class Gym on the city’s east end, is accepting a new challenge in 2021. He is facing off against Ray Perorazio for the East Liverpool’s first ward council seat. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)

EAST LIVERPOOL — Tom Beagle is considered by many to be the consummate working class guy, and he hopes that this may help him to bring attention to the east end of town like it sorely needs.

Beagle is seeking the first ward council seat for East Liverpool on the November general election ballot.

There wasn’t any particular issue that attracted him to do so, as is the case with the majority of candidates.

He explained, “If you can see that you can be of help, I believe it is your duty to do so. I guess because I make my home and run my business in the city’s east end that I can see lots of room for improvement. East end has been stagnant for a long time, and I think it struggles with a stigma that it doesn’t deserve despite being the most developable part of East Liverpool.”

Beagle, along with his wife Megan, owns Power Fitness, which shares a plaza that formerly stood empty until 10 businesses opened up there. “Things definitely can be done,” he added.

With a strong work ethic and a blue collar approach, Beagle graduated from Ohio Valley Business College after attending East Liverpool High School. His diverse employment includes everything from being a spray machine operator for Hall China to working as a juvenile corrections officer for Stark County. He even worked briefly as a housing inspector for the City of East Liverpool.

“East end needs an advocate, and a lot of things can be done to put it in a good light.”

The first ward council seat currently is occupied by Ray Perorazio, whom he acknowledges is a friend. “Ray always tried to do what is right but it is time for a change. I just want to learn, and the best way is to jump in with both feet,” Beagle said.

Both men are running as independents and had their candidacies approved back in May by the Columbiana County board of elections.

Beagle operates Power Fitness, which he opened after serving as a trainer at the YMCA and for some of his young juveniles in Stark County. “I’ve been involved with fitness my whole life,” he added.

Beagle’s approach to politics mirrors his daily life. “I have tried to work in unison with other gyms, because there is room for all of us. I believe the same thing about council, we need to work together. “

East Liverpool has good people here, and he believes that at heart. The problem is making it economically sustainable for them and their children to stay here. Beagle, who has lived on the city’s east end for two dozen years, believes it can be done. The couple has five children and eight grandchildren.

If elected, Beagle wants to see increased communication between him and his constituents. “I have an open door policy here at the gym, and I am interested to hearing what people have to say and conveying that through my council role to help make things happens. I think the people of East Liverpool know and trust me,” he concluded.


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