Tech grant awarded to county court

LISBON–Those utilizing the services at the county Municipal Court will soon find new electronic signage and a digital check in system, designed to be beneficial in improving the quality of the courts efficiency.

County Municipal Court Judge Katelyn Dickey learned last week from Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, the court has been awarded one of the 2021 Ohio Supreme Court technology grants.

Dickey, who took office in January 2020, submitted an application for the grant March 2021, seeking $15,575 for a project to upgrade the lobby of the courthouse to make it more user friendly for both the staff and the public. Dickey said the project will drastically improve the court’s functionality to users.

Those arriving for court will be able to check in at a digital kiosk machine, which will ask if they are there for a court hearing or for an appointment for their probation officer. The court staff will be notified by computer of their arrival.

Additionally, the visual docket and schedule will appear on a display in the lobby. So those appearing for court will be able to see accurate times for hearings. The system should improve case management and the digital check in system will lessen the interruptions for the clerk’s office.

Dickey said she wants to offer a sincere thank you to Justice O’Connor, the Supreme Court of Ohio and Linda Flickinger, the grant administrator for the Supreme Court, for making the technology funds available for the court and residents in Columbiana County and other courts in Ohio.


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