Dylan Czech, Krystalynn Moore and Shawn Underwood, all from East Liverpool High School, are the first recipients of the T.S.T.F. Scholarship Award.

What does T.S.T.F. mean? It means “Tri-State Trillium Foundation,” a new non-profit organization based in East Liverpool. “Tri-State” refers to the three states the foundation covers, while “Trillium” comes from the home state wildflower, the Trillium Grandiflorum.

Founded by Christopher Pritt, Dawne Bednarek and Debra Smith in 2020, the T.S.T.F. hit the ground running amid Covid-19 to see their mission through in offering three scholarships to three deserving seniors in either Ohio, West Virginia or Pennsylvania. The seniors were required to submit a 350 to 500 word essay or a five-minute video on how they have impacted their community through volunteerism. Volunteerism is what the foundation prides itself upon.

None of this would be possible without the many volunteers that come together every October at The Hidden Haunted Attraction, 16410 Irish Ridge Road in East Liverpool, which serves as the foundation’s main fundraiser. The organizers of The Hidden, which include the founders of the T.S.T.F., were unsure of the fate of the attraction in 2020 due to Covid-19. After little to no guidance from the state for haunted attractions, they decided to hold nothing back and open for their third consecutive year. The effects of the strict Covid-19 mandates showed on opening night as the dozens of cars pulled into the lot. Being that people were stuck indoors with nothing to do, this made 2020 a record year for The Hidden as they had close to 3,000 visitors for the haunt season.

The scholarship application is set to be released in the near future for the Class of 2022.

Follow the Tri-State Trillium Foundation and The Hidden Haunted Attraction on Facebook for more information.


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