Monument company claims village has shut them out

LISBON — A monument company located just outside of the Lisbon Cemetery has filed a civil lawsuit Common Pleas Court against the village claiming it is being shut out of business there.

Richardson Monuments Inc., through a lawsuit filed by Canfield attorney Jason Rebraca, alleges a contract between the village of Lisbon and Richardson Monuments’ competitor O.T. Beight and Sons is preventing them from providing foundations for their customers.

Richardson Monuments is operated by Wayne and Carly Brock, the later who is the daughter of Eric Beight, the owner of O.T. Beight and Sons. A prior dispute regarding the businesses also was the subject of a lawsuit, which was settled and dismissed earlier this year in Common Pleas Court with the details of the settlement undisclosed.

The lawsuit filed this week indicates Richardson Monuments has been warned by the village they are prohibited from continuing to lay locations, pour foundations or even from entering the Lisbon Cemetery unless authorized by the Lisbon cemetery board. Violating that reportedly would be considered trespassing.

Further the lawsuit claims the police department delivered the warning letter, which they consider an inappropriate show of force. Finally, Richardson Monuments reportedly has contracts to install six monuments, which cannot be completed and is driving their clients to a competitor. The lawsuit seeks in excess of $25,000 in damages and an injunction against the village barring Richardson Monuments from doing business there.



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