Wellsville man fights to suppress evidence

LISBON — Terrance Haywood, who is facing both drug-related and murder charges in separate cases, admitted to having some drugs hidden in his pants when he testified at a suppression hearing for the drug case in Common Pleas Court on Monday.

Just not the same drugs investigators claim he had.

Haywood, 28, Chester Avenue, Wellsville, is charged with three third-degree felony charges of trafficking in heroin, trafficking in fentanyl-related compound and aggravated trafficking in drugs.

Answering the questions posed by prosecutor Micah Ault of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Patrolman Joseph Saraniti of the Wellsville Police Department testified he was driving in the area of My Bar in Wellsville when he heard several shots fired. As he turned the vehicle to investigate, he saw one person running in his direction.

Saraniti said he held a gun on the person, identified as Haywood, and ordered him to the ground. Haywood complied and laid face down with his arms outstretched. Saraniti patted him down for weapons and reaching under him reportedly found what sounded like and felt like two baggies of drugs. He tossed them aside.

Haywood was complaining his ribs hurt and Saraniti said he checked Haywood to see if he had been shot and called for an ambulance, although he did not find an injury.

Saraniti testified the baggies of substances were sent to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to be tested.

Taking the stand himself, Haywood, also known as Dew, said when he heard the shots, he ran one way and the other person ran another. Haywood said he told Saraniti he had no guns. He claimed the bagged items Saraniti found were cocaine and ecstasy rolled up inside his boxer shorts. The charges are for allegedly having heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamines.

The hearing was on the motion to suppress the drug evidence found from the firearms search of Haywood’s body. No gun was found. The motion suppression was filed by Haywood’s defense attorney Joseph King.

Judge Megan Bickerton took the matter under advisement and will rule on it in the future.

Haywood is scheduled to appear again on Friday, this time for a status conference on charges in a separate case: the murder of Destiny A. Moody on Oct. 22, 2019.



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