Women for Trump stop in Lisbon

The Ohio Women for Trump bus tour stopped in Lisbon Thursday. (Photo by Tom Giambroni)

LISBON – The 2020 presidential campaign came to town Thursday with the arrival of Ohio Women for Trump.

Led by Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken, a pink bus pulled in front of the county GOP headquarters about 9:30 a.m. for a brief rally before moving onto the next campaign stop.

Prior to the rally, Timken spoke with the newspaper and explained the reason for the bus tour, which included former Miss Ohio Madison Gesitto and Lee Ann Johnson, the wife of Congressman Bill Johnson, among others,

“We’re celebrating the election, and people are excited and fired up about getting out the vote for President Trump because of his policies for women,” she said.

“Before the pandemic unemployment for women was at a record low. The (Trump) tax cuts meant $1,200 in the pockets of Ohio families, and their sons and daughters were able to get jobs,” Timken said. “President Trump is pro-life and that means a lot to a lot of women. And his policies are all about promoting women. Look at his administration.”

Missy Ieropoli from Lisbon was among local residents who attended the rally.

“Women supporting Trump is an important issue. I think people need to see that women do support Trump” because of his negative portrayal in the news media, she said. “Women support him and his policies.”

Ieropoli and her husband are small business owners. “Not only is (Trump) pro-business, he is pro-small businesss, small town business, which is what we are all about around here,” she said. “Donald Trump supports us and we support him.”

Timken was asked what she thought of the polls that have Joe Biden comfortable ahead.

“It’s just like 2016. The polls don’t always reflect the true voting electorate,” she said.


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